Pre-Manufactured Garages: 7 Things To Know

Did you know that over 70% of families do not use the front door but instead the garage door to enter the house? Now of course, that’s most likely for attached garages, or garages that are “attached” to your house. Are you interested in pre-built “detached” garages?

Pre-manufactured garages are way cheaper than building a garage on-site from scratch because every detail is done quickly and efficiently at the shop. Now that’s not to say that a pre-manufactured garage is just a dull-looking, mass-manufactured shed. I mean, check out this custom pre-manufactured garage!

exterior of white pre-manufactured garage for sale

Anyway, we’ll go over some important pre-manufactured garage questions that you need to know before buying one for yourself. Here we go!

What Is A Pre-Manufactured Garage?

A pre-manufactured garage is basically a garage that is either assembled (completely or partially) at the shop and then delivered to the customer. Essentially, the “important” parts of the shed are developed at the shop and either assembled together at the shop or at the customer location. So, the takeaway is that pre-manufactured garages are NOT built from scratch at the delivery location. 

exterior of a white-doored pre-manufactured garage for sale

Pre-manufactured garages are NOT the same as (1) stick-built garages or (2) traditional garages.  

1.) Stick-built garages are garages that are built with wood by the traditional method, or on-site. 

2.) As we implied earlier, traditionally-built garages are fully constructed on-site. 

exterior of red and white pre-built garage for sale

Are Pre-Built Garages Worth It?

The answer is, almost always, a resounding yes! Here are a couple of instances where a pre-built garage would especially be worth considering.

Small Budget

If you’re trying to get a quality shed at a minimum cost, there are plenty of companies out there that have pre-built garages for sale at an affordable cost. 

To get some actual prebuilt garage prices, you could try designing a couple of “cool” sheds in our 3D Shed Designer, and it’ll give you an immediate estimate!

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If you’re in a bit of a time crunch, a pre-built detached garage is a lot quicker to build and deliver than a traditional shed build. 

Think about it. A pre-built, single-car garage, for example, is much quicker to build in a shop where the basic building process is most likely systematized.

Quality Builder

Buying from a quality builder is everything. We know we’re biased, but we just had to let you know: Fisher Barns is a top-quality shed builder that has constructed hundreds of pre-manufactured garages, from pre-built wooden garages to pre-built metal garages. Let us know if you’re interested in one of our pre-built garages for sale

exterior of brown pre-manufactured garage for sale

Fast & Easy Installation

Unlike traditionally-built garages, pre-manufactured garages are quick and easy to install.

Typically, the installers will bring your shed to the delivery location, install the garage, and POOF! they’re out of there!

You Might Have To Reconsider…

There are several obvious scenarios in which purchasing a pre-manufactured garage might be a bad idea.

One, never buy a pre-built detached garage without first making sure the garage-building company is reputable. Not all who cry wolf are wolves…alright, take that analogy with a “grain of salt.” But I think you get the gist: choose your garage-building company carefully. 

Two, if you’re set on wanting a traditional-built garage that’s fine. Obviously, a pre-manufactured garage is out of the picture then.

What Does A Pre-Built Garage Cost?

Because there are a ton of pre-built garage companies out there, we can’t give you definite garage prices across the garage industry. But we can give you some general costs based on our competitively-priced pre-manufactured garages. We offer two different types of pre-built detached garage styles: the A-Frame Garage and the Gambrel Garage. 

A-Frame Pre-Manufactured Garage

The A-frame Garage is basically a traditional garage with a gable roof. They run anywhere from around $8,500-$12,000. 

If you’re looking to add internal storage space, just add a loft or two; or, for a custom-built exterior, you could use different types of siding, including LP Smartside, lap, or metal siding.

Gambrel Pre-Manufactured Garage

The Gambrel Garage comes with a double-sloped (yup, you guessed it) Gambrel-style roof, allowing for max storage capacity. They cost anywhere from around $8,500-$12,000. 

By adding an additional loft or two, you could have a large amount of space to store plenty of storage items while at the same time, keeping your vehicle safe and sound. A pre-built garage with a loft doesn’t sound too bad now does it?

To wrap up, feel free to try our 3D Garage Designer. With this tool, you’ll be able to customize and create your own pre-manufactured garage while at the same time see a price estimate. The good news is that it’s also free!

Build Your Garage!
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What Is The Cheapest Type Of Garage To Build?

Of course, the cheapest type of garage to build is to DIY a pole-building (post frame) garage. A great place to learn more about this is at this article.

From us, personally, our pre-built garage prices are cheapest at the 12×20 A-Frame or Gambrel garage size. Feel free to design your 12×20 garage here.

interior of pre-built detached garage for sale

How Much Value Does A Detached Garage Add To A House?

The value a detached garage adds to a house depends on several factors, including the overall aesthetic of the garage, etc. If you like to learn a bit more about this, read this article

Amazingly, a good garage can add anywhere from ¼ – ½ to the value of a house. Alternatively, it could add anywhere from around $5,000-$25,000. Although these stats are fairly general, the point is that you could increase overall property value by a lot with the addition of a quality pre-manufactured garage.

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Is It Cheaper To Buy A Garage Or Build One?

It is typically cheaper to build a garage yourself rather than buy one. The main reason is that when you build a garage yourself, there are no labor fees factored into the equation, saving you plenty of money.

You could either buy a kit and build the garage yourself or buy the materials and build your garage from scratch.

exterior of red-roofed pre-manufactured garage for sale

Can You Buy A One-Car Garage?

Yes, you can absolutely buy a one-car garage!

At Fisher Barns, we offer pre-built single-car garages that can be customized by siding type, siding color, and more. If you’re interested in learning more about who we are or about our pre-built single-car garages, go see our pre-manufactured garages or contact us!

View Single-Car Garages
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Wrapping It Up

We trust this was a helpful guide to pre-manufactured garages. Pre-manufactured garages are affordable, easy to install, and can often be customized. So let your imagination run, and build the pre-manufactured garage of your dreams! 

Design Your Pre-Manufactured Garage! See Pre-Manufactured Garages

Pre-Built Storage Sheds: The Ultimate Guide

Simple. Easy. Stress-free. Those are the words we long to hear when it comes to storage space. There are many different solutions out there to increase storage capacity from renting extra space from a local CubeSmart® to simple house storage hacks. However, there are often problems with even these solutions: they produce consequential problems.
Here’s what we mean by consequential problems: for example, renting a storage unit from the local storage facility may solve your problem of lack of space but it produces (as a consequence) problems of its own. You now have to deal with monthly or quarterly rents, which can often be quite pricey. This also means extra time driving to and from your storage unit, which can be difficult to juggle in the busyness of life.

Photo Credit: Metropolis Moving

House storage hacks are another example. Although they may help the storage problem to some extent, you’re going to have to put a lot of time into small DIY storage hack problems to increase storage efficiency or buy furniture that maximizes storage space, e.g. sofas with storage drawers underneath. Or, it may just reveal to you the problem that you simply don’t have enough space in your house to store everything, which may cause even more stress.

All that to say, let’s zone in on pre-built storage sheds. At first, you may think “C’mon, they’re too expensive,” or “We don’t have a big enough backyard space for a pre-built storage shed.” To answer the first question, depending on where you live, you may spend a lot more on monthly payments for a storage unit in the long run.

To answer the second question, you’d be surprised at how small you can get a pre-built storage shed. For example, an 8×8 pre-built storage building would only be as long and wide as your Christmas tree is tall, which isn’t very tall!

So, if you’re still skeptical about the idea of a pre-built storage shed, that’s OK. Keep reading and see if they are for you.

exterior of red and white pre-built storage shed for sale near woods

What Is A Pre-built Storage Shed?

Let’s start with the basics. A pre-built storage shed is exactly what it sounds like: a shed that has been built before-hand at the shop and designed for storage purposes. Of course, a storage shed can be used for many other purposes other than storage, such as a rec room or dining area.

To further distinguish what a pre-built storage building is, let’s make a difference between on-site shed builds and pre-built sheds.

Prefab sheds have a variety of purposes and uses, including storage space, an AirBnB, a rec room, and many more.

Hopefully, that gives a clearer picture of what a pre-built storage shed is and how it is different from an on-site shed build. Here’s a quick clarification. Although the pre-built storage building category technically includes sheds and garages, we’ll be talking mostly about sheds.

exterior of green pre-built storage shed for sale

Can You Buy A Pre-built Storage Shed?

The answer is Yes! You can absolutely buy a pre-built storage shed, whether that be from your local shed lot or from an established shed manufacturer themselves. Here’s a simple step-by-step process on how you can buy a pre-built storage shed.

  1. What are my needs? Do I need household storage? Will I be storing larger items like, a lawn mower, an ATV, a golf cart etc. If you only need it for household storage, a smaller shed may be a fit, but if you plan to store equipment a larger unit may be necessary.
  2. How much space do I have for this building? It is a great idea to decide where you will be placing the unit and then take a tape measure and make sure the space you are considering is sized to handle the size of the building you are considering.
  3. The next step will be to look at accessibility for the shed delivery process. Again take a tape measure and check any areas where you may have issues. The rule of thumb to use is “The space between immovable objects needs to be 2′ wider than the width of the building.” The height will need to be 13’6″.
  4. The other thing to consider is to visit a location where pre-built sheds are being sold and physically look at the different sizes. It can be hard to visualize how much space is needed and getting inside the different sizes can really help you with deciding what size may be necessary.
  5. The final item to consider is, “How will I pay for it?” There are normally 3 options for a pre-built shed.

These options would need to be discussed with a sales person that would be able to help you choose the option that will best fit your budget.

The average lifespan of a pre-built storage shed is 30 years, so when you’re considering a pre-built storage building purchase, remember that these sheds will last you for a while. Another advantage to keep in mind is that these pre-built storage sheds are often portable, allowing for your shed to travel with you in the event of a move, relocation, etc.

At Fisher Barns, the process follows these general steps, allowing for a simple and easy shed order process. We also offer rent-to-own options on our sheds, so that you can pay incrementally per month.

Photo Credit: Towfiqu barbhuiya from Unsplash

Photo Credit: William Wendling from Unsplash

Is It Cheaper To Buy A Pre-Built Storage Building Or Build A Storage Building?

This is a very controversial question and you’ll find different responses across the board. Here’s what we found.

Buying A Pre-Built Storage Building

Buying a pre-built storage building may be cheaper if you have little to no experience in the construction industry and/or you have to purchase the correct tools for the job. For example, building your shed incorrectly can often turn out to be a costly reparation. Keep in mind that material costs will also have to come from your wallet. We’ll show you a quick list of potential tool costs and also a list of potential material costs as well. These lists will show how much time and planning you’ll have to do in order to DIY a prebuilt storage shed. With that in mind, it’s way easier and less stressful to just buy a prebuilt storage shed.

Tools may also be an expensive investment as well if you have none on hand already. Here’s a short list of the main tools along with a rough overall tool cost from your local hardware store that you will probably need to invest in to DIY your shed.

Tool(s)Price Totals
Circular Saw$250
Speed Square$10
6’ Ladder (& Extension Ladder)$75
4’ Level$11
Site Markers (wooden stakes, twine, chalk)$61
Grand Total$407 ≈ $400

Hopefully, this gives a clearer picture of how much extra money could be invested in tools. Other potentially more cost-effective options would be to rent tools or simply borrow tools from a neighbor or friend.

Here’s a basic list of materials along with their costs that you will probably need to invest in.

2×4’s or 2×6’s$7.40 (8ft.) or $10.70 (8ft.)
Plywood$33 (4x8ft.)
Paint$175 (5 gal.)

These are just some rough base costs for the main materials for your shed. Of course, you’ll need plenty of each material in order to complete the job.

Another factor to consider is that a DIY shed comes with no overall shed warranty. That would mean that all reparation costs in the future are total liability costs coming straight from your pocket.

man in woodworking for pre-built storage buildings for sale article

DIY’ing A Pre-Built Storage Building

On the other hand, DIY’ing (is that even a word LOL!) could be cheaper if you do have some basic construction experience and already have/are able to borrow the necessary tools to complete the job. Although tools and experience are definitely big catalysts, probably the biggest distinction between pre-built storage shed costs and DIY storage shed costs is the labor factor.

Of course, DIY’ing a shed means that labor costs are cut to zero, assuming you’re the only one building the shed. This cuts out a huge factor in the overall cost of a shed, because to buy a pre-built storage building means that labor costs are factored into the overall cost of the shed, resulting in a higher shed price quote.

Another benefit to a DIY shed is that you can purchase the material options that you want to use, which may be cheaper than the materials used at your local shed manufacturer. Although this is not always a good idea, “cutting corners” is definitely another power that you hold when you DIY your own shed.

Although labor costs may be essentially free, this means that you will have to separate the time to build the shed yourself. Of course, this depends on two factors:

The more construction experience you have, the less time it will take you to figure out how to build a shed.

As Edison once said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” This goes for shed building as well. The more motivated you are, the less time it will take you to build your shed. This also plays into shed quality. The amount of motivation/attention to detail that you put into your shed is directly related to the quality of the finished product.

Generally, we would say that building a shed yourself is the cheaper option. However, like we said, it does depend on a variety of factors like tool availability, construction experience, etc. We’ll let you decide what you think is best! If you want to go the DIY route, check out this video or see these shed plans for some more practical help.

Is It Cheaper To Buy A Pre-Built Shed Or Pre-Built Garage?

Typically, a pre-built shed is cheaper than a pre-built garage. One reason is that a garage door tacks on additional cost to the pre-built storage building as opposed to a shed door.

For example, here’s an illustration of what the price difference is between a 12×20 A-frame pre-built storage shed and a 12×20 garage from Fisher Barns. Although Fisher Barns does not represent the price differences in all of the pre-built storage building industry, these prices should at least give you an idea of what the cost differences are.

exterior of grey pre-built storage shed for sale

A simple 12×20 A-frame pre-built storage shed runs at about $6,500. It comes standard with large double doors, two windows (on all buildings larger than 10×16), and gable vents on either side.

12×20 A-Frame Pre-Built Storage Garage

exterior of grey garage pre-built storage building for sale

The base price for a 12×20 A-Frame pre-built storage garage comes out to roughly $8,000. These come standard with a heavy duty floor system, a 9’x7’ garage door, and two windows (on all buildings larger than 10×16).


What Is The Cheapest Storage Building Style To Build?

While this can vary across from person to person a little, a simple A-frame shed style would definitely be the easiest and cheapest way to build a shed. Again, like we said earlier, a large part to building a shed is simply motivation and dedication. So, you could effectively build a Dutch Barn or some other style if you’ve got the grit-and-grind mentality.

exterior of red and white pre-built storage shed for sale

What Are Common Pre-built Storage Shed Sizes?

Although there’s a wide range of shed sizes, here are a couple of the common sizes. As you’ll soon see, we have broken sheds into 3 categories. Keep in mind that the definitions of the different sizes may vary slightly across the shed industry.

Small Sheds

Small pre-built storage shed sizes would range from 8×8 to 10×12 with 8×12 being a very common small shed size.

Medium Sheds

Medium shed sizes start roughly around at size 8×16 and travel to the 10×16 shed size with a 10×16 being another fairly common shed size within the medium shed category.

Large Sheds

Large sheds start around 12×12 or 12×20 and go to around size 12×24. 12×24 sheds are a common large shed size partially due to their versatility and spaciousness. Although 12×24 is a common pre-built storage shed size, it is also a common size for garages, featuring the ability to store an ATV or two, your car, or even your SUV.

Although this is not a common shed size, large sheds can even encompass the largest pre-built storage building sizes like the gigantic 16×48 shed size that boasts of 768 sq. ft. of interior space. Sometimes, a second floor can also be added to increase space, like Shed’s Unlimited’s Legacy Workshop. Another massive shed size is the square 20×20 shed.

What Are Some Common Pre-Built Storage Shed Styles And Prices?

There are many different types of pre-built storage shed styles out there so we’ll highlight a couple of the common ones.

Dutch Barn

Did you know that the Dutch Barn style has been around since the 11th century? The Dutch Barn shed inherited its name from the traditional Dutch barns that were first built in the Netherlands by Dutch builders. This traditional barn style was brought to the New World (USA) in the 1620s.

exterior of brown and white dutch barn pre-built storage shed for sale

Once in the New World, the unique structural beauty of the Dutch Barn began to be imitated by other structures beyond just the traditional barn. Thus the Dutch Barn shed developed.

Logistically, the Dutch Barn is a common type of pre-built storage building that combines the Gambrel roof-style (barn-style roof) with a barn-like build, allowing for an open and roomy interior, perfect for maximum storage efficiency. Essentially, the Dutch Barn is in between the Mini Barn and an actual barn. Mini Barns are practically identical to a Dutch Barn but just on a smaller scale.

Here at Fisher Barns, the Dutch Barn style is one of our most popular barn styles, and for good reason. When combined with a loft, the Dutch Barn’s gambrel roof style (double-sloped roof) offers maximum storage. Here are a couple of the standards that come with our Dutch Barn pre-built storage sheds:

The base price for our Dutch Barn Sheds starts at roughly $3,000.

Workshop Shed

The Workshop shed, also known as the A-Frame or Gable shed, is probably the most standard type of pre-built storage shed there is. With a simple, single-slope roof design and affordable pricing, the workshop pre-built shed is a classic, economical option for storage space lovers.

exterior of pre-built storage shed for sale in abbeville SC

The way you can think about workshop sheds is that they are essentially the most basic pre-built storage building style. Of course, customization options and other factors may affect the overall design and style but at its core, a workshop shed is your typical A-frame shed.

At Fisher Barns, we also offer the Workshop Shed. The A-frame style can easily match your existing structures and meets most Homeowners’ Association (HOA) requirements. Available in sizes 8×12 to 14×36, our Workshop Sheds come standard with the following elements:

Starting at a rough base estimate of $3,000, workshop sheds are affordable as well as classical.

Saltbox Shed

Historically, New England claims responsibility for the now well-known Saltbox roof style. The saltbox shed is a unique type of pre-built storage shed that utilizes two different roof lengths on the same roof. The front roof is short and steeper-sloped while the back roof is longer but with a shallower slope.

exterior of saltbox prebuilt storage building for sale near greenwood SC

Photo Credit: Sheds Unlimited

Immediate headroom directly inside the entry door is a key benefit to Saltbox sheds. Another benefit is just the uniqueness of its design as opposed to the rather simple Workshop shed style or Dutch Barn style.

Modern Shed

Modern sheds live right up to their name: modern. With a minimalistic look and a single-slant roof design, the modern shed has a very appealing exterior look.

exterior of modern shed for pre-built storage building for sale

Photo Credit: Modern Shed™

Let’s first talk about the single-slant roof design. With the peak of the roof at the farthest front roof overhang, modern sheds look like saltbox sheds but with no roof ridge and no steep-sloped front roof.

A modern pre-built shed often allows for plenty of sunlight, which creates a light, spacious, and airy environment for a man cave, art studio, she shed, invention workshop, and more.

Cabin Sheds

Although many of these common styles can be used for living quarters or for in-person dining/entertainment use. Cabin sheds often come with the option of a porch, house door style, and other features that can transform a pre-built storage building into a tiny home, rec room, or dining area.

exterior of pre-built wood shed for sale in anderson SC

We also create pre-built cabins so that you can create the perfect guesthouse, hunting cabin, home office, or get-away by the lake. Some of the standard features of our cabins include the following:

A Cost Overview For Common Pre-Built Storage Sheds

Here’s an overview of some common pre-built storage shed price ranges.

Shed StylePrice Range
Dutch Barn*$3,000-$17,500
Workshop Shed*$3,000-$20,300
Saltbox Shed$2,000-$35,800
Modern Shed$5,000-$43,100
Cabin Shed*$6,800-$20,000

Note: * means that those price ranges for Fisher Barn’s products. 

What Are Common Pre-Built Storage Shed Siding Options?

We thought that it would be a good idea to give a general overview of the different siding options out there, so that you can order the correct siding that you need for your shed with confidence and surety. There’s a wide range of siding options out there, so here’s a breakdown for a couple of them.

exterior of brown pre-built wood shed for sale by abbeville SC

Wood Siding

1. Natural Wood Siding

Natural wood is basically the original when it comes to siding. I mean, c’mon, wood has been used for structures and buildings since ancient times. Even in the early days of America, many settlers built their homes from the trees that surrounded them. There were no polyvinyl siding or engineered wood siding options for their homes back in those times.

So, if you’re going for an aesthetic shed look, pre-built wood sheds are a great option. Not only do pre-built wood sheds offer an aesthetically pleasing exterior wood shed look, but it also gives a rustic appearance of simpler, by-gone days.

Of course, pre-built wood sheds are built from uh…wood, making them susceptible to rot. They also are fairly expensive and require some amount of maintenance, not to mention being a fire hazard.

But, then again natural wood siding is a great insulator and looks great. A pre-built wood shed may be what you need on your property.

2. T1-11 Wood Siding

Often derived from southern pine, T1-11 siding is a type of wood siding that usually comes in 4’x8’ panels with also the possibility of the panels coming in 4’x9’ sizes. There’s a couple different grades, two of them being plywood and OSB.

Typically, plywood is a better option but can tend to be a bit on the higher side of the price range. T1-11 siding looks like cut sheets of wood with grooves every couple of inches for aesthetic purposes. The seams then overlap from panel to panel, creating a smooth and nice exterior look.

Maintenance is fairly minimal, other than a repaint job every 3-15 years. Another plus of a T1-11 pre-built wood shed is that wall-sheathing is not required. If you’re wondering what wall sheathing is, here’s a quick explanation: it’s in-between the frame of the pre-built wood shed and the siding so that the siding can be fastened securely to the wall sheathing, which prevents the siding from swaying.

So, all in all, T1-11 is another siding option to consider if you’re looking for a pre-built wood shed.

3. Engineered Wood Siding

Here’s our last type of wood siding that we’ll look at. This is another technologically advanced wood siding that is formulated from wood scraps, sawdust, or other wood. Here’s the neat part about engineered wood siding: it’s very strong. This is due to a genius build process that includes multiple layers of wood.

To summarize, engineered wood comes from layers of these forgotten pieces of wood, that we mentioned earlier, combined together by adhesives. However, multiple layers are then combined to form one engineered wood board. The trick is that these individual layers are running at different grain directions, which increases the durability of the wood.

Another plus is that engineered wood is fairly affordable.

Vinyl Siding

Almost every single shed company that you visit will offer vinyl siding on most of their shed styles. This siding type is one of the most common types of siding in the shed industry, and the number 1 shed siding type in America, and for good reason.

exterior of vinyl pre-built storage building with red shutters for sale

Photo Credit: Esh’s Utility Buildings

Vinyl siding doesn’t need much maintenance, is customizable, and is also a great combatant against the elements; plus, it does not rot. Made from a resin called polyvinyl chloride, this siding type can be easily designed to your liking and will last for years to come.

Metal Siding

There are plenty of videos on the Internet about rain sounds on a tin roof with millions of views a-piece. To complement that metal tin roof with metal siding only seems fair. Although the price range can vary, pre-built metal sheds are extremely durable and also mostly recyclable.

exterior of metal prebuilt storage shed for sale by greenwood SC

Pre-built metal sheds are also great against mold and rot and are also pest-resistant. What’s even more comforting is that metal siding is not a fire hazard, allowing for your pre-built metal shed to be kept safe.

There are a couple of downsides to metal siding, however. Corrosion and rust are variables that you’ll have to consider in a pre-built metal shed equation. Overall though, pre-built metal sheds are sort of the “tanks” of the shed industry and will last for a while.

Fiber-Cement Siding

The last type of siding that we’ll look at is a popular, fairly trendy type of siding: fiber-cement siding. Made from 3 main ingredients–sand, cement, and cellulose fibers (such as wood pulp)–fiber-cement is a great pre-built storage building siding option because of its outside sound resistance, fairly little maintenance, and durability.
One of the main tricks with fiber-cement siding is the install process. If you’re building a shed as a DIY project, you’ll probably have to hire someone to install the fiber-cement siding since it is a fine skill to install this siding. Of course, the installation process will then be an extra expense. However, fiber-cement siding is a great option for your pre-built storage shed if you want a rot-resistant, heavy-duty shed.

What Can I Use My Pre-Built Storage Shed For?

Let’s talk about the different uses for pre-built storage sheds because there are a lot of them. You could use your pre-manufactured garage shed for your brand new car, for example.  Of course, we can’t list all the uses in this article…but we’ve got a more comprehensive list of shed uses here if you’re interested, 91 ideas to be exact. But here are 2 ideas for each of the 6 categories, including backyard creativity, hobby havens, relaxing spaces, ideas just for fun, business ventures, and organization.

Backyard Creativity

A pre-built storage shed doesn’t have to be just for storage: it can also be a place to chill by yourself or watch a game with your friends. If you’re further interested, we’ve got more backyard creativity ideas than just these two!

Pre-Built Garden Shed

Whether you actually enjoy gardening or not, a garden shed may be just the thing to add some pizzazz to your backyard. There are so many attractive designs and styles of sheds to choose from. Do your research, get your green thumb ready, then go for it!

Of course, if you’re a gardener, a pre-built garden shed is revolutionary. Now you don’t have to throw your expensive garden tools, such as your battery-powered weed eater, soil cultivator kit, or shovel in the garage with the car. You now have your very own pre-built garden shed, that will be more than able to spaciously store all of your gardening equipment. Here’s a look at some pre-built garden shed sizes that you may find helpful.

If you plan to store gardening tools or other small items in your shed, an 8×8 pre-built garden shed may be the right size. Or, if you’ve got a zero-turn lawn mower or some other large outdoor lawn/garden equipment, a 10×12 pre-built garden shed may be a better option.

A great idea to implement in a pre-built garden shed that increases storage capacity is to tack on a loft. There’s plenty of other things that you may want to eventually store in your pre-built garden shed, such as seasonal decorations, etc., so having a loft inside your pre-built garden shed helps to keep your seasonal items separate from work-related/garden equipment.

If you’re interested in learning more about garden sheds, here’s another resource that you may find useful.

Man Cave/She Shed

Relax from the stress of work-life and be anti-social or host parties all day every day in a pre-built storage building converted to a man cave. Whatever floats your boat. Just add a sofa, mini fridge, and/or screen for the ultimate hangout.

A She Shed is a place where you can make your perfect paradise. Let your creativity flow in your own judgment free zone.

Hobby Havens

A pre-built storage shed can also be a place where your hobbies can find a home. Here’s 2 hobby haven ideas for your new pre-built storage building. You can also look at our more comprehensive list of hobby haven ideas here.

Music Studio

Wear the headphones. Spend time alone or with the band. Make the pre-built storage shed space yours, and then let the music roll. No need to tear down the equipment when you’re done. Lock up, then return soon for some more tunes.

Dog Kennel

Dogs need room to run, but they also need protection (to keep them out of trouble). Build a dog kennel shed and even add a run around the back for more space and fresh air.

Relaxing Spaces

There’s a time to be busy, but there’s also a time to just kick back and relax. Here are 2 ideas to do just that with a pre-built storage shed (with plenty more at this blog post).

Getaway Cabin

If you have property in a secluded location or by a lake, get a small cabin and decorate it as the perfect little getaway. Whether you make your pre-built portable building into a log cabin or a romantic chalet, you’ll enjoy the time spent with those closest to you.

School Study Room

Whether you are homeschooling your children or doing college work, sometimes it helps to have a designated study spot. A minimally decorated pre-built storage building could be just what you need. Turn on the classical music and get studying!

Just For Fun

Sometimes it’s good just to find humor in the simple aspects of life.


Float down the river in your raft-turned-storage-building. Take some time off from busy life, and recharge in nature’s beauty.

Shed Car

Yes, you read that right. Technology may be attempting to build flying cars but some people have actually built a shed that runs like a car. If you want to see a video of this shed car phenomenon, watch this video.

Business Ventures

Pre-built storage sheds absolutely shine for business venture purposes like an office, AirBnB, barbershop, ice cream shop, or bait shop. Here are 2 ideas with a bunch more ideas here!


The office. A necessary part of every business. Set up a corner desk, finish out the building interior with pine or drywall, decorate to your heart’s content, then tackle that paperwork like a pro.


You cut hair, not corners. That’s why you get a quality pre-built storage building for your barber shop. Get a building that’s large enough for your equipment and will give customers a pleasant experience. Here’s a great example of someone who converted their shed into a fantastic barbershop!


The final category of pre-built storage shed uses is organization. This is probably the most common way that pre-built storage buildings are used; I mean, after all, storage is in the name itself. Again, here are 2 ideas with more ideas here.

Mini Storage Alternative

Why would you drive across town to a mini-storage facility, when you can have your own pre-built storage shed in your backyard? With affordable monthly payments, Rent-to-Own programs offer a great alternative to mini storage. Also, after you rent to own for 3-5 yrs, the pre-built storage building is yours. Don’t pay for mini storage and have nothing to show for it in a few years. Check out Rent to Own options, and own that building!

Sports Gear

Know exactly where your bats, gloves, helmets, golf clubs, and other sports equipment is located with an organized pre-built storage building.

Well, that’s 6 different categories for how to use your pre-built storage shed.

exterior of yellow pre-built storage shed for sale

What We Offer

Well, that was a ramble! You now know the unbelievable potential, diversity, and extreme value that a pre-built storage shed offers. So let’s cut to the cheese. Fisher Barns offers these pre-built storage sheds.

You can use our 3D Builder and design your own shed or request a quote. If you would like a little time to dream about how you want your shed to look, browse our in-stock pre-built storage buildings. And, of course, if you have any questions, just contact us!

As always, happy shed hunting!

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Modular Horse Barns: The 2022 Guide

Did I hear you say “humor me”? Well, I accept the challenge.
What do you call a horse that stays up at night?
A nightmare.
Is your voice “horse” yet from laughing? Ok, I’ll stop “horsing” around and actually give some really useful, horse-related tips on modular horse barns.
Just like us, horses need a place to stay warm and comfortable in the winter months or on a blusterous, rainy day. However, choosing the right horse shelter can be challenging, costly, and stressful. This quick write-up should be a helpful guide for you as you think about the different horse barn options: we’ll be especially highlighting modular horse barns, which is what most horse barns are. Confused? Here’s a clear explanation.

exterior of red modular horse barn for sale near abbeville SC

What Is A Modular Horse Barn?

Here’s a couple short definitions for some horse barn terms.

exterior of brown prefab horse shelter for sale near anderson SC

Traditional And Modular Horse Barn Differences

Before talking about the differences, however, there are some similarities between the two that are worth noting: both are durable, customizable, and beautiful. However, there are some key differences that you may find helpful as you think about what may be the best option for you.

1. Cost

Although this may not be entirely across the board, generally traditional horse barns are much more expensive than modular horse barns.

Comparatively speaking, a modular horse barn may only take a couple of days to assemble and install. Basically, all the workers need to do is put the prefabricated “pieces together.

Traditional horse barns are a whole ‘nother story. From setting the foundation to the final shingle, those workers are getting paid to construct a massive horse barn from scratch. That’s a lot more time, effort, and unfortunately, money poured into labor costs; mainly, because the workers are building from scratch rather than simply assembling prefab horse barn “pieces” together.

2. Weather Protection

Pre-assembled construction means that modular horse barns are built in the “shop.” Of course, assembly is then done on-site. On the flip side, traditional horse barns are built from scratch outside; this leaves your half-finished horse barn continually exposed to rain, snow, hail, volcanoes…OK, maybe hail and volcanoes are a reach, but you get the idea. Being exposed to the elements may not be the best for your half-finished modular horse barn.

3. Extended Construction Presence

As we talked about earlier, construction time lasts a lot longer for traditional horse barns than modular horse barns because the former has to be built on-site from scratch. That means that there’ll be a much longer time period of loud construction noises, action, and possibly added stress at your property.

That’s some of the differences between traditional and modular horse barns in a nutshell. Click this article if you’re interested in reading more about the differences between traditional and modular horse barns.

How Much Does A Modular Horse Barn Cost?

Prefab horse barns are an investment. We realize that. That’s why we want to give you some exact prices up front so that you can accurately estimate and plan for your future horse barn. There’s plenty of companies that have modular horse barns for sale ranging all over the price scale. So what we’ll do is give you a couple exact prices of prefab horse barns that we sell; this should give you a general idea of what price to figure around when purchasing a prefab horse shelter.

Shed Row Modular Horse Barn

Perfect for horses of any size, the Shed Row Horse Barn can be customized to best fit your four-footed friends. We offer shed rows that are available with a tack room for safe storage of your valuable equipment.

exterior of shed row modular horse barn for sale in anderson SC

The base price for a 10×10 shed row is somewhere around $6,000.

Trailside Modular Horse Barn

The Trailside Horse Barn is our smallest center aisle prefab horse barn.

exterior of trailside modular horse barn for sale in greenwood SC

Get the protection and comfort of larger barns with a lower price range when you choose this single-story modular barn. A 30×20 Trailside starts at around $28,000.

Monitor Modular Horse Barn

This barn is one of our most popular modular horse barns. It includes a second-story loft that can be finished out as an office or living quarters.

exterior of monitor prefab horse barn for sale at greenwood SC

With a spacious center aisle, and the ability to add as many stalls as you need, the Monitor Horse Barn is a great fit for those who want style and comfort. The base price for a 30×20 Monitor horse barn begins somewhere around $39,000.

What Is The Most Cost-Effective Horse Barn To Build?

This is another question that can vary from company to company, but in general, a single-story, shed row with no center aisle is probably your most cost-effective option.

exterior of run in prefab horse shelter for sale in abbeville SC

However, here at Fisher Barns, our most cost-effective building is the 8×8 Run-in, which starts roughly around $4,000. Providing affordable shelter from the elements, the Run-In Shed gives your horses the freedom to come and go as they please, all while offering the shade and protection they deserve.

How Big Of A Prefab Horse Barn Do I Need?

Glad you asked. Here’s a list of variables that you should consider when thinking about which size prefab horse barn you need.

exterior of horses for prefab horse barns article

1. Number Of Horses

This is a fairly obvious factor. Keep in mind though that your horse family may grow in the future. Are you looking to purchase more horses down the road? Are you expecting any colts in the near future? Although these are questions you’ve probably already factored into the modular horse barn equation, it’s good to be reminded to take the time to accurately plan around these things in order to get the right size horse barn. 

interior of modular horse barn center aisle in greenwood SC

2. Central Aisle

This is an important question to consider, especially when thinking about what types of machinery that will need access into your modular horse barn. According to, 12 feet is a good width to have as a central aisle width. In this scenario, it’s better to have an aisle that is wider-than-needed rather than smaller-than-needed.

exterior of horse stall for modular horse barns article

3. Stall Size

How much room do you want your horse to have in his stall? According to, a 12’x12’ stall is fairly typical. Depending on the size of your horse, the stall may need to be bigger. If you would like to read more about what size is good for a horse stall, you can read more about that here.

exterior of white and brown modular horse barn for sale in SC

4. Site Location

Also, remember how big the location is for your prefab horse barn. Ask yourself the question: Is it a large enough space to place a horse barn with the dimensions that you chose?

These should be some helpful tips when figuring out what size of a prefab horse shelter that you need. If you would like to learn more, “Horse Barn Design & Planning Guide” is a helpful resource.

Can I Customize A Modular Horse Barn?

Yes, you can. Our 3D Horse Barn Designer is an excellent tool to use if you want to customize your own prefab horse barn. Here’s a couple of the things that you can customize on our horse barn builder:

exterior screenshot of prefab horse shelter near abbeville SC

Of course, this isn’t everything that you can do to customize your modular horse barn. But hopefully this gives you an idea what our 3D Horse Barn Designer could do to create your own modular horse barn.

exterior of brown prefab horse barn for sale in SC

Drawing Things To A Close…

We hope that this quick write-up gave you some helpful pointers regarding modular horse barns and including cost and size, among other things. Let me say this again: purchasing a prefab horse barn is an investment. Of course, that means a lot of planning and research on your part. If you’re looking for an affordable horse barn, read our article on shed row barns. We hope this article was a helpful landmark on your horse barn journey. Alright, that’s all for now. Happy horse barn hunting!

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2022 Guide To Enclosed Dog Kennels

For many dog owners, the responsibility of keeping their dogs safe and happy can be challenging. Simply allowing the dog to roam outside all day may be dangerous, depending on where you live. But you may not want your dog indoors all day either. One way to solve this problem is with an enclosed dog kennel. In this short write-up, we hope to give you a better understanding of what an enclosed dog kennel is and how it could help you and your furry friend.

exterior image of enclosed dog kennel for sale in SC

What Is An Enclosed Dog Kennel?

There’s a lot of murky water out there when it comes to dog kennels, dog runs, and dog crates. If you would like to learn more about what the difference is between a dog kennel and a dog crate, our “Dog Kennels vs Dog Crates” is a great resource.

Just so that everyone’s on the same page, we’ll define an enclosed dog kennel as a covered dog kennel plus a dog run. We’ll try to answer a few questions that you may have about enclosed dog kennels and also mention 10×10 chain link dog kennels to help guide you forward in your dog shelter journey.

How Big Are Enclosed Dog Kennels?

Sizes for enclosed dog kennels range from one extreme to the other and can depend on the company, kennel size, and much more. So instead of giving some sizes from random companies that are out in the market, we’ll give you a couple examples of what dog kennel sizes we sell.

8×12 Enclosed Dog Kennel

To illustrate what an enclosed dog kennel looks like, this 8×12 enclosed outdoor dog kennel is a great example. Featuring almond wood siding and white trim, it will not only be just a safe haven for your dog but will also add aesthetic appeal to your backyard.

On top of that (no pun intended), a roof that is constructed from weathered wood and asphalt shingles is placed to protect your dog from the elements.

Now for the dimensions: this 8×12 enclosed dog kennel has a spacious 8×8 outside dog run and a cozy 4×4 dog kennel. A large doggie door allows for your pet to roam freely from the dog run to the kennel.

This 8×12 enclosed dog kennel costs $4,499.00.

View This Kennel

10×12 Enclosed Dog Kennel

Here’s another great example of an enclosed dog kennel. This 10×12 enclosed outdoor dog kennel is made for two dogs. Featuring an LT grey wood siding and white trim, the exterior of this dog kennel is well-designed. This 10×12 enclosed outdoor dog kennel also has slate asphalt shingle roofing, a 36” back entrance, and 2 windows.

Although not totally the same across the board, many companies that produce outdoor dog kennels will provide quality dog kennels that will add beauty to your property.

As mentioned earlier, this kennel is made for two dogs, which means that there are two separate kennels and runs.

This specific 10×12 enclosed dog kennel costs $5,375.00.

View This Kennel

Chain Link Dog Kennels

Although chain link dog kennels do not necessarily fall under our definition of an enclosed dog kennel, these kennels can be much more cost effective and deserve to be mentioned. For example, our 10×10 chain link dog kennels are a great way for your dog to get fresh air and sunshine without you having to worry about your dog’s safety. Plus, you can add a tarp roof, giving your dog protection from the sunshine or rain.

exterior photo of beautiful 10x10 chain link dog kennel for sale in SC

10×10 Chain Link Dog Kennels

Our 10×10 chain link dog kennels weigh about 200 lbs. and measure 4 ft. or 6 ft. high, depending on the size of your dog and how high he can jump. Like we said before, you can also add a tarp roof and have it placed on your 10×10 chain link dog kennel. Although this will protect your dog from the elements, it is not as permanent or heavy-duty as an actual wood roof with shingles, such as our enclosed dog kennels. On the plus side though, you won’t spend near the money on a 10×10 chain link dog kennel that you would for one of the enclosed dog kennel examples above.

outside picture of great 10x10 chain link dog kennel for sale in SC

Hopefully, these two examples of enclosed dog kennels were able to give you a small picture of what could possibly be your furry friend’s future home. Of course, there are many different styles, colors, and options of enclosed dog kennels, that you can find in many different companies, so find what works best for you and your pet.

What Is An Enclosed Outdoor Dog Kennel Useful For?

You may be wondering why is an enclosed outdoor dog kennel so beneficial so here’s a couple reasons why.


Like we said, an outdoor kennel allows for your dog to get both fresh air and warmth without you having to do much extra work. If they’re too warm they can get some fresh air in the dog run, but if it’s too cold they also have a cozy den to rest in.

exterior picture of red and white enclosed outdoor dog kennel for sale in SC

Aesthetic Appeal

According to Kennelstore, dog kennels add aesthetic appeal to your backyard, and we’re inclined to agree. Although dog kennels can vary in appearance, most dog kennels have a miniature-house look that can add some quaintness to your backyard.


If there are those within your family who struggle with dog allergies, having an enclosed outdoor dog kennel could be very beneficial. If one of your family members is allergic to dog hair, you probably won’t want your dog roaming the house and leaving dog hair everywhere. Having an outside dog kennel allows for a place where your dog can still walk freely but not cause unwanted allergic reactions.



Additionally, an enclosed outdoor dog kennel allows for your dog to use the restroom in the dog run whenever he needs to. This allows you to rest assured that your dog won’t “go” in your house. According to Kennelstore, this also aids the dog mentally by associating using the restroom with the outdoors, which is what you want if you’re trying to potty train your dog.

If you would like to learn more about how an enclosed dog kennel is beneficial, “Outdoor Dog Kennels: Advantages And Choosing The One For You” is a great resource.

enclosed dog kennels for sale in sc

In Short…

Wrapping it up, enclosed outdoor dog kennels can be very helpful in providing a safe, comfortable space for your dog and also allowing you to rest knowing that your dog is safe. We also hope that through our dog kennel examples, you’re much farther on your dog shelter journey than you were before.

You can also learn about some of the other buildings we offer, like pre-manufactured garages (learn more at this article), at our main website.

If you would like to learn more about our enclosed dog kennels and chain link dog kennels, click one of the buttons below!

What Is A Dutch Barn Shed? A 2022 Guide It's History, Features, Prices, & Uses

Have you ever wondered the following when you first heard about Dutch Barn sheds?

If you are wondering, “What is a Dutch Barn shed!?”, then keep on reading to discover how this style of shed originated, learn about its unique features, get a price, and more!

exterior of a dutch barn shed for sale

What Is A Dutch Barn Shed?

Did you know that Dutch Barn style was around since the 11th century!? That is precisely 1,000 years ago. However, this charming build did not originate with sheds.

It all began with barns and the historically rich Netherlands.

So, what is a Dutch Barn Shed?

The Dutch Barn shed inherited its name from the traditional Dutch Barns that were first built in the Netherlands by Dutch builders. This traditional barn style was brought to the New World (USA) in the 1620s. Once in the New World, the unique structural beauty of the Dutch Barn began to be imitated by other structures beyond just the traditional barn. Thus, the Dutch Barn Shed stepped onto the scene.

While traditional Dutch Barns housed animals, feed, and equipment, the Dutch Barn Shed, stores yard, garden, and household storage. Both showcase a stunning overhanging gambrel roof which offers a maximum storage space.

In a nutshell, a Dutch Barn Shed holds a distinct gambrel style roof which allows for a roomy interior and higher ceiling and style dates back to the 11th century Holland.

outside of a dutch barn shed for sale in SC

Unique Features Of Dutch Barn Sheds

The Dutch Barn shed brings a special look and feel to your property thanks to its specific style.

The following highlights each of this shed’s unique features and what they offer you in a storage shed.

A Gambrel Roof

Open & Roomy Interior

Barn-Like Build

The gambrel style roof provides a one-of-a-kind architectural appearance which adds a standout country or colonial taste to your property.

Discover Your Ideal Dutch Barn Shed & Its Cost Now

If so, our 3D Builder provides you with an incredible visual tool, which allows you to choose your ideal size, where you want your special customizations, color, etc. all while seeing it come alive right before your eyes.

The best part is once you’re done creating, this tool gives you the estimated cost. Plus, our 3D Builder is free and able to be used countless times.

exterior of 3d shed builder for dutch barn shed for sale in SC
Design Your Dutch Barn Shed Now

Popular Uses for a Dutch Barn Shed

Are you still considering how to use your Dutch Barn shed?

If so, the following are some popular and possible ways a Dutch Barn shed can be used and enjoyed!

The list of options on how to use a Dutch Barn Shed can go on and on. Just check out our blog on 90 Storage Shed Ideas, if you need further convincing or inspiration.

Speaking about blog posts, you may be interested in reading our “Modular Horse Barns: A 2022 Helpful Guide.” Or, if you’re looking for an affordable horse barn, read our article on shed row barns.

Main Takeaway: The Dutch Barn shed provides the ideal space to fulfill your goals for extra room for living, storage, or recreation.

exterior of green dutch barn shed for sale in SC

Get Your Very Own Dutch Barn Shed Today!

Are you ready to enjoy more space for your life?

If you are tired of disorganized surplus household storage, or not having enough space to enjoy your favorite hobby or to host your buddies or best friends, a Dutch Barn shed is your surefire solution for more space. Looking at the bigger picture, pre-built storage sheds, including Dutch Barn sheds, are a great solution to your space needs.

No need to wait any longer! You know what you want. Space.

All the space you will ever need is found inside a Dutch Barn Shed. Go for it!

Get A Free Quote Use Our 3D Builder

Sheds With Lofts: A 2022 Guide

George Bernard Shaw, a playwright from Ireland, once said, “No question is so difficult to answer as that to which the answer is obvious.” Often, when we think about space or storage problems, the answer to our worries is often right in front of us. For example, maybe you have a storage shed, but you still need more space. Adding a loft or purchasing a shed with a loft, dramatically increases the ROI of your lofted shed, and plus it provides much more space for storage.

What Is A Lofted Shed?

To specify, sheds with lofts are not the same as two-story sheds. Two-story sheds could be thought of as “glorified lofts.” Two-story sheds can be transferred into sheds with loft apartments, rooms, and more, while lofted sheds are much more specific to storage. Hopefully, you’ll be able to learn a little bit more about the storage potential a lofted shed could have for your property.

Interior of a shed with a loft

Popular Shed With Loft Sizes

Not quite sure what size lofted shed you need? We’ll list a couple of shed sizes for you in this section, but first, develop your own little plan for what you want to be stored and where. For example, make a list of all the items you want to be stored. Remember, it’s better to keep the less-used items in the loft while the more regularly used items below.

Here are a couple of popular lofted shed sizes that you may find helpful:

12×16 Sheds With Lofts

One common shed size is the 12×16 shed with loft; although the 12×16 is on the larger side, the flip side is that a 12×16 shed with a loft will not be jam-packed with items. The size of a loft can vary from having an attic-sized loft to a smaller 4’ deep loft. Even a 12×16 lofted barn shed with a 4’ loft will provide an additional 48 square feet of floor space; that’s 25% more floor space waiting to be utilized in your 12×16 shed!

12×24 Sheds With Lofts

Thinking greater, 12×24 sheds with lofts, which are 288 square feet of ground-level space (not to mention additional loft space), allow for multiple shed ideas to be used in the same shed. To put it in perspective, the square footage of three average cars combined could comfortably fit in a 12×24 shed. Plus, you got even more space above! Even 10×12 lofted sheds or 12×12 sheds with lofts provide sufficient space for a multitude of yard equipment.

exterior of a brown lofted shed for sale

Barn Style And A-Frame Lofted Sheds

Thankfully, we do not live in a 2-dimensional world and so it is important to understand that not only do sheds with lofts need sufficient surface area for storage items but also sufficient overhead clearance. This is especially critical if you’re looking to expand storage space with a loft.

Barn Style vs. A-Frame Lofted Sheds

The Barn Style shed (also known as a Gambrel shed) uses the traditional double-sloped Gambrel roof design, while an A-frame shed has a regular single-sloped roof. If you want to learn more about different roof designs click here to read more.

Gambrel Roof Perks

When it comes to maximum overhead space, the Gambrel roof design allows for a much more spacious loft. Plus, a Gambrel roof has excellent drainage that generally does not allow for standing water, which will of course help prevent water from seeping through. This is especially critical to remember when considering putting a host of valuables in your loft. If you want to learn more about the Gambrel roof design, click here.


Plans For Your Shed With A Loft

As I mentioned earlier, it’s pretty important to have a Plan of Action before you buy a shed so that you can accurately know what size of shed with a loft you need. First, make sure your lofted shed will be up to par with your state/county’s requirements.

Legal Requirements

Now that the nitty-gritty work is out of the way it’s time to get planning. One common question to start with is how much weight your loft will be able to hold. Generally, a small loft is not built to hold large amounts of extremely heavy equipment. It also depends on the support system. For example, if the loft is being supported by 2×4” loft joists, it might be better to store lighter items; on the flip side, 2×6” loft joists could probably be trusted to carry heavier items.

Here at Fisher Barns, our lofts can hold up to 500 pounds of storage equipment, which is equivalent to about half the weight of an average horse or half of a grand piano! That gives you the ability to store 500 extra pounds of storage items in 48 square feet of extra space.

Planning Your Lofted Shed

On another note, make sure to measure and calculate how many of your storage items will fit in your shed with loft. For example, if you are looking at 12×16 sheds with lofts make sure that you have enough storage space (240 sq. ft.) for what you need. Keep overhead space in mind as well, when considering storing taller or bulkier items. Look at the list of items you want in storage and ask yourself the question: “What is a priority and what is not.” If the item is seasonal, rarely used, a souvenir, or something along those lines, you may want to put them in the loft.

On the other hand, place your zero-turn mower, garden equipment, or whatever equipment/items you use regularly on ground level where it is easily accessible.

planning a shed with a loft

How Big Should My Lofted Shed Be?

Also, remember the size of your yard space; a very simple, general rule of thumb for what size shed is appropriate for your backyard is this: use common sense. In general, a 12×16 shed is on the larger side of the shed scope, so it would probably work best in a larger yard. Next, graph the ground-level and loft-level layout of where each item will go in your shed with loft. It may be helpful to go to your local shed dealer and figure out the right shed plan for you with a professional.

3D Shed Builder

Many shed dealers also have a 3D Shed Builder on their website, which allows the buyer to customize and create a visual shed plan. Generally, it also allows for the addition of custom features such as shelves, a workbench, or whatever else. A 3D shed builder is especially useful when adding a loft or other space-utilizing add-ons because buyers can visualize what their sheds with lofts will look like.

Image of 3D Shed Builder where you can make sheds with lofts

What We Offer

If you’re starting to think that maybe a shed with a loft would be a good idea, check out our sturdy, quality storage sheds. Our standard 4’ loft can be tacked on to most of our storage sheds on our 3D Shed Builder. Several examples of sheds that we sell that could also have a loft added on are the Dutch Barn and the Cabin shed. Both the Dutch Barn and the Cabin have barn-style roofs that can maximize your overhead loft space. If you want to learn more about pre-built storage sheds, read our comprehensive guide on them.

Our Cabin Shed comes standard with a corner Porch or potentially a full-length porch. A cabin shed with porch not only has the option of a loft, but also the potential for a full-length porch, which may be a place where you can enjoy life without storage problems.

We also have a 3D shed builder where you can design your own shed with loft. If you have an idea as to what size shed with loft you need or want other additional add-ons, our 3D Shed Builder is an excellent tool to help you design your own shed with a loft.

See Our Storage Sheds See Our 3D Shed Builder

7 Reasons You Shouldn't Buy a Shed

Everyone says that you should live without regret but that can be difficult. Everyone has made a bad decision at least once in their life and quite often, those decisions fill us with regrets. These regretful decisions can come from almost any area of life, even shopping decisions. In fact, feeling regret about one’s purchases is so common that it has been given its own term: buyer’s remorse.

What is Buyer’s Remorse?

Buyer’s remorse is defined as “the sense of regret after having made a purchase. It is frequently associated with the purchase of an expensive item such as a vehicle or real estate.” According to one American study, 64% of people polled said they regret a purchase they’ve made. This means a majority of Americans have suffered from buyer’s remorse at some point in their life.

As a shed company, we want every one of our customers to feel completely satisfied with all of their purchases from us. For us, this means having high quality standards, plenty of customization options, and great customer service. However, sometimes this isn’t even enough to protect our customers from buyer’s remorse. So, what we want to do in this article is give potential customers advice for how to determine if they should make a shed purchase or not. Specifically, we want to give you 7 reasons why you shouldn’t buy a shed.

1. Don’t Buy a Shed if You Can’t Afford it

This first one may seem like a no-brainer but the fact that most shed companies now offer rent to own means that some people might be tempted to purchase a shed, even when they can’t afford it at the moment. While rent to own is a very convenient way to buy a shed, it shouldn’t be used as an alternative to having the bank to cover your shed purchase. The truth is that most of the time, purchasing a shed up-front is a better option than a rent to own shed. One of the main reasons to avoid rent to own, especially when you can’t afford the full cost immediately, is that if other unforeseen expenses arise and you are forced to default on your payments, your shed will be repossessed and you will have no shed and no money.

2. Don’t Buy a Shed if You Can Build One Instead

Not everyone is capable of building a shed but if you feel confident and are up for a challenge, it is sometimes worth it. There are several things you have to take into consideration when determining if you should build a shed: time, cost of materials, and complexity of the project.

It’s important to remember that time is money. You’ll need to figure out how much time it will take you to build your shed. This will vary based on your skill and the size of your shed. Do a little research and give it your best estimate. Then, if that fits within your schedule you can probably check “time” of the list.

In order to determine the cost of materials for your shed, you’ll need to find the shed plans you want to use. There are plenty of them out there so check around before settling on the one you want. Once you have the plans, take a trip to your local Lowes or Home Depot. Find all the materials you need and calculate the cost. In some situations, your cost will be very low and some it may be very high. It’s up to you to decide where the point is that it is not worth building the shed yourself.

The factors that affect the complexity of a project generally are size and extra features. If you plan to build a large shed that is fully outfitted with plumbing and electricity, then your project can get very complicated. However, if you’re only building a small shed with no gimmicks, it should be very simple and straightforward.

you shouldnt buy a shed

3. Don’t Buy a Shed as a Cheap Way to Add Value to Your Property

Many people have tried to make that argument that building a shed adds value to your property. While this may be true in some situations, often this is not the case. Homelight blog did an interview with several appraisers and asked them if a shed makes any difference to the value of a property. According to the appraisers, any value that a shed does add to a property is less than what it costs to build it. There is, however, at least one exception to the rule. If your shed can be deemed an additional living space, then it can add quite a bit of value to your property. In order for this to happen, your shed will need to have a good foundation and it will need to be a fairly large, high-quality shed. Not just any shed will do and you will most likely have to pay a little extra to get the right shed and outfit it with the necessary features.

4. Don’t Buy a Shed if You are Planning on Purchasing a Shed Kit

As a rule of thumb, shed kits are not a great purchase. While they may seem like a good middle road between building your shed from scratch and buying one from a shed company, shed kits rarely hold their value or last for any long period of time. There are actually quite a few drawbacks to purchasing a shed kit. For one, although they are often marketed as being easy to assemble, the truth is that shed kits can be quite difficult to put together. In fact, sometimes building your own shed is just as easy. Another drawback is the short lifespan of shed kits. Most kits will not last longer than 5-10 years which is a third of the life expectancy of most high-quality sheds. Finally, shed kits usually cost more than building your own shed. And since shed kits are often hard to assemble, there are really no benefits to buying a shed kit.

5. Don’t Buy a Shed if You Live in an Area Where Sheds Are Not Allowed

This one can basically be summarized with “Don’t buy a shed if you can’t buy a shed.” But why would you not be allowed to buy a shed? Many towns and cities have restrictions on the type of structures you can put on your property. Sometimes avoiding trouble is as “simple” as following certain building codes or obtaining a permit but in some situations, a shed may not be allowed. So, to avoid building a shed only to take it down again, please do your due diligence. Most towns and cities have a website where they list their codes and restrictions as well as provide department contact info. Rather than weed through pages of boring legal speak, it will probably be easier just to talk with someone in the Building/Zoning department. Once you’ve gotten the necessary information, go build your shed… or don’t.

6. Don’t Buy a Shed if You’re Planning on Getting it From Home Depot

I’m sure it is true that many people have had good experiences getting a shed from Home Depot or Lowes. However, when you compare the price and quality of their sheds to that of actual shed builders, shed builders are usually the best choice. Just for the sake of comparison, let’s look at 8×12 sheds. The average cost of an 8×12 shed from Home Depot is between $1,500-$5,000. The highest quality shed brand that Home Depot offers is Tuff, which has a reputation for questionable quality standards. For more information on Tuff sheds, check out their reviews here on While Tuff sheds are probably better than a lot of low-quality sheds out there, they definitely don’t stick out as being very good. The average cost of an 8×12 shed from Fisher Barns is between $3,000-$3,500. The quality standards for each of our barns is very high. In fact, we are proud to say that in our 18+ years in the shed industry, we have gotten no negative reviews about the quality of our sheds. When you consider that the price of Home Depot sheds is so close to Fisher Barns (and in some cases cheaper) as well as the difference in quality between them, it doesn’t make sense to purchase a shed from Home Depot or Lowes.

7. Don’t Buy a Shed on Impulse

Buying on an impulse is never a good idea but buying a shed on an impulse is a lot more expensive than most purchases. For this reason, you should avoid buying a shed just because you feel like it in the moment. As tempting as it can be to buy a shed because you saw a really cool she shed on Pinterest, for the sake of your bank account, please don’t make a shed purchase without giving it the necessary thought.


Hopefully after reading this, you can better avoid buyer’s remorse, at least when purchasing a shed. If you are in the process of buying a shed from Fisher Barns and are having some second thoughts, feel free to ask one of our sales team any questions you have. And if you decide that then isn’t the time to buy a shed, don’t buy a shed. We want every single customer to feel satisfied with their purchase so we will never try to pressure you to buy from us. Thanks for reading this and good luck with your future purchases, whether they involve a shed or not.

Dog Kennels vs Dog Crates: A 2022 Comparison

Dogs are obviously the best pet and friend you can have. (I’m safe saying this because you’re probably a dog person considering the fact that you clicked on this article.) Because this is true, it very important that man’s best friend is well taken care of. An important part of this is having a place where they can stay and be safe, especially when you are not around. You have several options when it comes to this but here, we will be discussing two: dog kennels and dog crates.

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What is a Dog Kennel?

dog kennel with roof

Dog kennels are generally outdoor structures with on open chain-link area that sometimes connects to a smaller indoor shelter area. The chain-link area sometimes covered by a roof or canopy to protect your dog from weather. The main purpose of a kennel is to provide an area to protect your dog while still giving her space room to move around. Kennels are especially useful when your dog has a tendency to run off or get into trouble when you aren’t around.

What is a Dog Crate?

difference between dog kennel and dog crate

A dog crate is small enclosed pen that is usually metal or plastic. The defining feature of most dog crates is that they are portable. Some can even be folded into a compact form for easy storage and portability. Dog crates should only be used as temporary spaces for keeping your dog such as overnight or in a vehicle while traveling. However, it is acceptable to leave a dog crate open during the day and your dog may choose to nap there.

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Differences Between Dog Kennels vs Dog Crates

The main difference between a dog kennel and a dog crate is that dog kennels are larger and more permanent than dog crates. This means that it is ok to leave your dog in a kennel for a longer period of time than a crate. It is possible to leave your dog in a kennel for a day or more assuming you are around to give him food and water. However, your dog should never be kept in a crate for longer than 5 hours at a time.

When to use Dog Kennels vs Dog Crates

When considering whether to purchase a crate or a kennel, the main things to consider are how portable you need to be and if your dog is a house dog or not. If you plan to take your dog on trips with you often, a crate is definitely necessary. Also, if your dog will live inside then a crate is best because kennels are too large to be inside your house. However, if your dog will be an outdoor dog, a kennel is definitely preferable as it is more spacious.

Where to Buy a Dog Kennel or Crate

If you’re looking to purchase a dog crate, you may be wondering where you should buy it. For those who want to buy online, Amazon is one of your best options. If you’d prefer to buy it in a brick-and-mortar location, any of your local pet stores should carry dog crates.

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Amazon and many pet stores don’t sell dog kennels as they are often too large to ship. So, if you want to purchase a kennel, you’ll need to look around your area for a seller. For those who are from South Carolina, we provide two different types of kennels. You can check out our dog kennels page for more information. However, if you’re not within our delivery area, check out The Dog Kennel Collection. They are an Amish kennel builder based out of Lancaster, PA.

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Hopefully you found this article helpful. The answer to the question of dog kennels vs dog crates is that both are important in different situations. Below is a summary of what was discussed in the article:

Dog Kennels

  • Dog kennels are larger, outdoor structures
  • Dog kennels allow you to leave your dog caged for a longer period of time
  • Dog kennels are ideal when your dog lives outside

Dog Crates

  • Dog crates are small, indoor pens
  • Dog crates should only be used for short amounts of time
  • Dog crates are ideal when your dog lives indoors or when you travel a lot with your dog

10x12 Storage Sheds: Get More Space in a Small Area

10×12 storage sheds are one of the most popular sheds sizes on the market. This is most likely because of how small and portable they are. They can fit almost anywhere and they provide lots of extra storage space without taking up too much space in your backyard. For those trying to decide if a 10×12 shed will work for them, this post provides helpful information to help guide your decision. You will also find out how to get even more useful space out of a 10×12 storage shed with shelves and lofts.

Style and Pricing Options for 10x12 Sheds

10×12 Dutch Barns

A 10×12 Dutch Barn provides a great way to maximize the storage capacity of your shed. Its gambrel roof style gives you lots of overhead space, especially when you add a loft.

Dutch Barns

10×12 Workshop Sheds

The Workshop Sheds have a traditional storage shed look. They come with an A-frame roof and a simple frame. If you prefer the tradition of an A-Frame shed look over the Barn Shed look, then the 10×12 Workshop Shed is perfect for you.

Workshop Sheds

10×12 Classic Workshop Sheds

10×12 Classic Workshop Sheds are much like regular Workshop Sheds, but with a classier look. All Classic Workshop Sheds come with shutters, transom windows in the doors, and roof-line fascia. If you want a bit more class on your 10×12 Shed, this might be your pick.

Classic Sheds

10×12 Cabin Sheds

10×12 Cabin Sheds are designed to be used as guesthouses (very small ones), home offices, or even hunting cabins. The Cabin Sheds come with lots of windows for plenty of natural light, custom porch options, and more. Get started by clicking below.

Cabin Sheds

How Much can a 10x12 Shed Hold?

10x12 shed storage floor plan sc

The 10×12 sheds are most often used for storage of various kinds. Some folks use them for storing garden tools and other household items. They are great for storing lawnmowers, bicycles, snowblowers, and other garden tools. Note the layout showing how a 10×12 storage shed floorplan with a mid-sized lawnmower and a few other garden tools.

Photo Credit: Goldstar Buildings

Can I get More Space out of my 10×12 Storage Shed?

You might think that a 10×12 shed is a 10×12 shed and there is no way to get more space than the 120 square feet in the building. But think again. Several popular additions can give you more space inside your storage shed.

get more out of a 10x12 shed

120 sq ft of Extra Space

Here is how you can get more space out of your 10×12 storage shed.

  1. Add lofts. If you add two 3’ lofts on the gable ends of the shed, that will give you an additional 80 square feet of storage space. Due to the roofline of the Dutch Barn, the loft space in a 10×12 Dutch Barn will be much more useful than in The Workshop or The Classic Workshop. If you want to learn more about sheds with lofts, click here.
  2. Add Shelves. You can also add two shelves on either end of the 10×12 shed. If you add two 18” shelves along each 10’ side of the shed, you will get an additional 60 square feet of storage space inside your building.

Photo Credit: Sheds Unlimited

You now have lofts and shelves that equal the amount of floor space in a 10×12 shed. This means you will be able to keep your shed much more organized by storing things on shelves and in the loft and you won’t have to trip over stuff on the floor every time you enter your building!

Find a 10x12 Shed

More 10x12 Shed Uses

Now that we have talked about how to maximize your 10×12 shed as a storage unit, let’s consider some other creative uses for a 10×12 shed. There are 101 other uses for 10×12 sheds, but we’ll allow you the excitement of dreaming up the other ideas. We’re sharing five creative uses here.

10x12 she shed in backyard

A She Shed

She Sheds have been in high demand over the past five years. They can be a quiet place for a busy mother to get away and work on a hobby or a way for a wife to create her own unique space that fits her taste just so. A 10×12 storage shed can readily be converted into a unique small She Shed for just that.

If you do plan to insulate the building, consider upgrading the windows to an insulated window and find out your options for an insulated floor. A shed floor is much more difficult to insulate after the fact than it is to do during the building process.

Photo Credit: Beachy Barns

10x12 man cave motorcycle shed

A Man Cave

He Shed, She Shed?

Well, men also have their caves. A place for work or play. A 10×12 Man Cave could be a space to tinker with the motorcycle, build things, create an office space, and much more. Whatever the need, be sure to think ahead and make sure the 10×12 storage shed has the features needed to convert it into a nice useful space.

Photo Credit: Sheds Unlimited

x shed south carolian

A 10×12 Hobby Workshop

Check out this small 10×12 hobby shed. In this story, the owner of the shed has a hobby of creating mosaics. She found this 10×12 shed and had it built and delivered as a shell. After the delivery, she and her husband went to work insulating, wiring, and finishing the interior. She uses the 10×12 shed as space where she can focus on doing the thing she loves.

10×12 storage sheds give you 120 square feet of space for a sewing hobby or about any other kind of hobby you can imagine.

Photo Credit: Sheds Unlimited

10x12 chicken coop nesting boxes and perch

10x 12 Storage Sheds as Chicken Coops

Chicken coops are a rage these days. How about finding one of our 10×12 storage sheds and outfitting it as a chicken coop? If your chickens run free-range, this shed should be able to handle 40 medium-sized hens. You will enjoy a steady supply of eggs for your family and more to sell.

Want to know how much space each hen needs in a chicken coop? Reference our article “What Size Chicken Coop Do I Need” where we give details on the subject or visit another post to learn how to turn a shed into a chicken coop.

art studio in a 10x12 shed

A 10×12 Art Studio

An Art Studio in a shed?

Yes, that’s right. A Shed can create a lovely and quiet space to focus on painting the inspiration you already have. If you are an artist and are painting in your living space or in the basement, 10×12 storage sheds provide a space away from all the clutter and noise to paint in peace.

Check out this small 10×12 shed that was finished out as an art studio for Kelly Money.

Photo Credit: Sheds Unlimited

No doubt, this is only the beginning of what you could do with 10×12 storage sheds. Hopefully, it is enough to get your own creative juices running.

Want to get started with your 10×12 backyard shed? The first step is to design your building with our 3D Shed Builder, submit the plan and then place a deposit. As a side note, we also have a 3D Horse Barn Designer. If you’re interested in a horse barn, here’s an article on shed row barns.

Anyway, back to topic, we are excited to see how you will be using your own 10×12 building and we might even feature it on our site if you send us the photos after it is set up!

Design Your Shed in 3D Shop Current Inventory

What Size Chicken Coop Do I Need? Chicken Coops for 4, 6 or 10 Chickens

chicken coop backyard sc

No doubt, backyard chickens are all the rage these days. Some people want chickens for the fresh supply of eggs, others opt for a backyard chicken coop with four, six, or ten hens to give the kids a great experience and still others want to live less reliant on resources outside of themselves.

Whatever the case, the need for small backyard chicken coops is growing and with that comes questions about what size chicken coop you need to meet the needs of your flock.

Generally speaking, you should figure three square feet of space inside the chicken coop for each average-sized chicken and additional 5 square feet in outdoor space. But remember, that is generally speaking.

If you are asking the question, “What size chicken coop do I need?” read on…

Where to Buy a Chicken Coop in South Carolina?

I’m going to be clear up front. We do sell chicken coops :)

But, we also realize that our backyard coops simply will not fit everyone’s needs. So, throughout this post, you will find our coops for sale in South Carolina (which can be shipped to other states as well) but also other options for where you can get a coop that fits your needs and style. We want you to find a coop that will fit your needs even if you decide to buy it somewhere else!

With that out of the way, let’s dive into what you need to know for your important chicken coop purchase. We’re going to be using a Q&A format to get you to where you need to go.

Questions to Help Decide What Size Chicken Coop is Right

What type of chickens are you planning to buy?

The first big question you need to answer before you can determine the size of your chicken coop will be the kinds of hens you plan to purchase. We all know there are dozens of options when buying chicks for your backyard chicken farm. The American Poultry Association recognizes 53 large chicken breeds, not including the many specialty bantam breeds. Below you will find a handy chart with 40 different chickens including their weight, color, temperament, and even their egg-laying patterns.

What size chicken coop do I need

Will your Chickens be Free Range?

The size of your chicken coop will also depend on the outdoor space your hens will have. If your chickens will be free-range chickens, then you can obviously consider a smaller chicken coop. The coop can serve as a secure space for your chickens at night to protect them from predators and give them the rest they need so they can lay those fresh and beautiful eggs you are dreaming about.

Whatever the case, every chicken should have an ample amount of fresh air every day. They will be happier and your eggs will be more healthy.

Extra Tip: You might even want to consider an automatic chicken coop door to make it even easier for you. Some of them even have wifi controllers or are automated with the sunrise and sunset.

chicken coop with run

How about A Chicken Run?

If you do not want your hens roaming free-range on your property, then you could consider adding an outdoor chicken run to give your hens some area to run around outside. There are several advantages to adding a chicken run.

First, there will be less manure inside the coop. Less manure means ammonia levels in the chicken coop will be lower. High levels of ammonia are unhealthy no matter what breathing creature you have in your backyard.

Secondly, chickens with a chicken coop (including an outdoor run) will be happier and treat each other with greater respect. The extra space gives them more area to stay out of each other’s feathers (they don’t have hair).

The bottom line is this, just like humans, chickens will be happier and healthier if they get out into nature and have access to fresh air every day. If you want nice-looking chickens that are not getting into fights etc, consider adding a chicken run to your chicken coop.

Extra Tip: Whatever the case, make sure your coop has good ventilation.

chicken roosting space for hens

How Much Space Do Chickens Need to Roost?

The next question to consider is the space chickens need to roost.

Every chicken coop needs roosting space. A roost, also called a perch is where your chickens will rest and spend the night. They are typically within 2-3 feet of the floor of the chicken coop and run vertically as shown in the photos. They must be at the right height so the hens can easily reach them. If they are higher, then you need to consider a plank or steps for them to get to the roosting poles.

Why is this question important when considering the size of your coop?

The reason is that you will need to be sure to 6 to 10 inches on a roosting bar for each hen in your flock. If you have a chicken coop for 6 hens, then you should provide 36 to 60 inches of roosting space depending on the size of your hens. If you have a chicken coop for 10 hens, then you want to ensure you have 60 to 100 inches of roosting poles to give them plenty of space.

Note this the chicken coop in the above photo comes with two rows of roosting poles.

How Much Coop Space Should Each Chicken Have?

Now that we have considered the importance of having an outdoor space for your hens to keep them happy and healthy, we can look at the space a typical chicken will need inside a coop. Larger hens will obviously need more space than small bantam hens. Here are a few guiding principles and a chart including 40 different hen varieties to help you make your decision about the perfect size for your backyard flock.

Chart of Hen Breeds and Weight

Breed Name

Bird Size

Egg Color


Egg Laying

Belgian D'Anver, or Antwerp Belgian, Barbu d'Anvers



Active, flyer; hens calm, cocks can be aggressive


Buff Sablepoot/
Botted Bantam


White or tinted in color

Adaptable to confinement or free range; mostly gentle; more easily handled.





Not very tolerant of close confinement; flyer; active, flighty


Jaerhon or Norwegian Jaerhon or Norske Jærhøne



Adaptable to confinement, but prefers free range; active, flighty



4-6 lbs


Prefers free range; nervous & restless in confinement; flyer; active, flighty, marked wildness, avoids human contact





Economical eater; semi- adaptable to confinement, but prefers free range; flyer; alert, lively; can be curious; some are rather wild, others can be quite tolerant of humans





Economical eater; better adaptable to confinement then some Mediterranean; enjoys free range; flyer; flighty; spritely, noisy, nervous, usually avoids human contact.


Chicken coop for Ameaucana Hens


4-5 lbs


Well adaptable
to confinement
or free range;
mostly calm,




Dark brown

Varies widely by individual and strain.





Semi-adaptable to confinement, but prefers free range; active, flighty, noisy, avoids human contact




Dark brown

Well adaptable to confinement or free range; calm, docile



5- 5.4lbs


Bears confinement better than most other game breeds; extremely fierce & pugnacious, but docile & easily handled when away from other cocks; because of aggressiveness, not recommended for a mixed flock


Dominique or Dominike



Well adaptable to confinement or free range; calm mostly, but more flighty than other dual purpose breeds





Well adaptable to confinement or free range; calm, non- aggressive





Less tolerant of close confinement; active, vigorous, avoids human contact





Suited for close (and dry) confinement; active; can be aggressive


Holland or American Holland



Well adaptable to confinement or free range; calm, good tempered


La Fleche



Well adaptable to confinement or free range; active, flighty, avoids human contact


New Hampshire or New Hampshire Red

6.5-8.5 lbs

Light brown

Well adaptable to confinement or free range; calm; can be docile or aggressive; can be curious





Bears confinement well; alert; calm; very docile; genteel; prone to bullying by others, so may not do well in a mixed flock


Australorp or Black Australorp



Well adaptable to confinement or free range; calm, docile; more easily handled





Adaptable to confinement, very adaptable to free range; calm, docile; can be curious; more easily handled.





Bears confinement well; calm, docile, although there are reports of skittishness.





Well adaptable to confinement or free range; calm, docile


Rhode Island



Well adaptable to confinement or free range; active, calm & fairly docile, can be aggressive (cocks are especially notorious)





Well adaptable to confinement or free range; calm





Adaptable to confinement or free range; calm; docile; stately or awkward; fattens easily; more easily handled





Adaptable to confinement, but prefers free range; restlessly active, flighty, avoids human contact


Naked Neck or Transylvanian Naked Neck or Turken


Light brown

Well adaptable to confinement or free range; active; calm, docile; more easily handled





Well adaptable to confinement or free range; calm





Well adaptable to confinement or free range; active for their size; graceful; not as calm or docile as other large breeds





Needs to be active; intolerant of close confinement; among the most aggressive, but more placid than most game birds; because of aggressiveness, not recommended for a mixed flock


Plymouth Rock



Well adaptable to confinement or free range; calm, docile; more easily handled




Light brown

Well adaptable to confinement or free range; calm; gentle; active; can be curious; more easily handledgood





Adaptable to free range; very adaptable to confinement; docile; more easily handled; can be bullied


Spanish, White-Faced Black Spanish, Spanish White Ear, or Clownface Spanish, White-Faced Black Spanish, Spanish White Ear, or Clownface



Adaptable to confinement, but prefers free range; flighty, haughty, noisy, avoids human contact





Adaptable to confinement or free range; mostly gentle; more easily handled.


Welsumer or Welsummer


Dark brown

Well adaptable to confinement or free range; lively, but more docile than flighty.


Jersey Giant



Because of size, not an economical eater; adaptable to confinement or free range; calm, gentle, more easily handled.





Weeds to be active; intolerant of close confinement; pugnacious; because of aggressiveness, not recommended for a mixed flock


chicken coop for six hens

Heavy Chickens = 4 Square Feet Per Hen

We are defining large chickens as those weighing between 10 and 13 pounds on the list of chickens listed above.

Larger chickens should have a minimum of 4 square feet in a chicken coop if they have access to the outdoors. A good rule of thumb for larger breeds would be 10 square feet per bird if you combine indoor and outdoor space. If you are going with 10 large hens for your chicken coop, you should buy or build a coop that has 40 square feet in the interior and an outdoor run with 60 square feet of outdoor space.

A 6’x7’ chicken coop would work great if you plan to do free-range chickens or would also work well with a 6’x10’ chicken run. The two combined would give you 102 total square feet for the 10 chickens in your backyard. If you want to keep them inside all the time, then an 8×14 chicken coop shed would give you 114 square feet. In that case, you may be better converting a shed into a chicken coop as most chicken coops come in smaller sizes. To help in that regard, see our blog on How to Turn a Shed into a Chicken Coop.

chicken coops south carolina

Light Chicken Breeds = 3 Square Feet Per Hen

We are defining light chickens as those weighing between 5 and 9 pounds on the list of chickens listed above in the article.

Lighter chicken breeds should have around 3 square feet of interior space and 4.5 square feet of outdoor space in the chicken run. In this case, you could fit around 10 chickens into a 5’x6’ chicken coop, 8 chickens into a 4’x6’ chicken coop, and six chickens into a 4’x5’ coop.

Again, be sure your hens each have another 4.5 square feet of exterior space to run around. That would mean you want to provide a 4’x12 outdoor run for 10 hens, a 4’x9’ chicken run for 8 hens and a 4’x7’ chicken run for six hens. You can always opt for the free-range idea and then skip the run.

Find a Coop
chicken coop for bantam hens

Bantam Hens = 2 Square Feet Per Hen

Bantam hens are certainly beautiful and unique. They are typically smaller than other chickens which means their eggs will be smaller and they will need a smaller chicken coop.

Bantam hens should have two square feet of space per hen in a chicken coop and at least three extra square feet of outdoor space in a chicken run.

For Bantam chickens, you should be able to give 10 hens comfortable space in a 4’x5’ hen house with another 4’x8’ outdoor chicken run. If you plan to keep the Bantams inside all the time, then 5 square feet or a 6’x10’ chicken coop would be the minimum. If you plan to have 6 bantam hens, your chicken coop should 3’x4’ with a chicken run that is 3’x6’. Again, it is not a good idea to keep your Bantam hens indoors at all times. We highly recommend adding a chicken run or allowing them to run free-range.


Find the Right Chicken Coop For Your Flock

There are certainly many more questions to answer on the topic of caring for your chickens after you have the chicken coop and chicken run ready to go, but now it’s time to break down a few of your options for a backyard chicken coop.

In the following section, we’ll give you a few options for buying a chicken coop for the number of hens you plan to house. Again, we do sell coops, but we also realize that our supply and styles are limited. So we hope you will find one from the list of options below.

Chicken Coops for 4 Chickens

You want a few chickens but just a few, right? If your plan is to have 4 chickens in your backyard coop, there here are a few options. Keep in mind that this is a very small coop and should you decide to add more hens, you may wish you had purchased a larger chicken coop for your four hens.

small chicken coop for four hens

A Small Hen House for 4 Hens

At Fisher Barns, we recommend this small chicken coop for four hens. While this hen house could hold up to five hens depending on the size, four hens should feel pretty comfortable inside this small hen house. The measurements for the coop are 34″ L x 45″ W x 54 – 1/2″ H. The features include:

  • 1 Screened window; window opens and closes for fresh air
  • 2 Nesting boxes
  • 2 Vents; on each gable end on the upper point to let air flow through the coop
  • 2 Roosts
  • 1 Man door
  • 1 Chicken door with treated wood ramp
  • Flooring & siding has a treated resin; this material is designed for superior moisture resistance and helps with the moisture levels that chickens naturally produce
  • Roof; the roof profile is designed so that rainwater runs off the back of the chicken coop keeping the water runoff away from your nesting boxes.

In addition, the ceiling has radiant barrier sheathing to keep the coop cooler in the summer heat.

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small chicken coop for four hens

Another Hen House for 4 Hens

This small hen house comes from the Hen House Collection based in Lancaster, County, PA. You can find your closest supplier by visiting their website. This coop has some handy features including an easily movable option. It has a built-in chicken run area which means your hens can easily have the space they need to roam without being free-range.

Note: On their website, it shows this is good for 3-5 hens. However, we do not know what size hens they account for when recommending a size.

Chicken Coops for 6 Chickens

Next, we take a look at chicken coops for six chickens. Here again, we might recommend going a bit larger to make sure you have the space you need should you decide to grow your flock. Below are two options including one which we offer that can be shipped anywhere in South Carolina and other states as well.

chicken coop for six hens

The EZ Chicken Coop for 6 to 10 Hens

This small chicken coop can house up to six to ten hens in your backyard. It measures 50-1/4” L x 52-1/2” W x 62-1/4” H and will come to you as a kit. All the coop panels and trim are painted and assembled, the hardware is installed, doors & windows are installed, the nesting boxes are assembled and metal is installed on the roof panel. In a very short time, you will have your coop for six hens ready to go.

We are recommending this coop for 6 hens since it will give you the space you need to grow your flock and/or give your hens the extra space they need to stay happy.

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chicken coop for hens

Hen House for 6 Hens

Here you can find a chicken coop for six hens that includes the following:

  • Tongue and groove siding
  • 65″ high – 12″ off the ground
  • 3 nesting boxes
  • Cedar stain with green trim
  • Forest green shingles

The Hen House Collection offers both stand-alone chicken coops and coops that include a chicken run area.

Chicken Coops for 10 Chickens

Find a chicken coop for 10 chickens and get that flock started soon. Here we again offer two options, one which we carry and another from The Hen House Collection. Take your pick.

large chicken coop for hens

An EZ Coop for 10 Hens

Our own chicken coop for 10 chickens will serve you well even if you plan to grow your flock of birds to increase your egg production. This chicken coop should easily manage ten hens and even 15 hens depending on the size of the bird. Measurements for the large chicken coop are 74″ L x 60″ W x 72-1/2″ H. Like the rest of our chicken coops, it will come to you in a kit that can be easily assembled. Some of the features included in this coop for 10-15 hens are:

  • 2 Screened windows; windows open and close for fresh air
  • 5 Nesting boxes
  • 2 Vents; vents are on each gable end on the upper point to let air flow through the coop
  • 2 Roosts
  • 1 Man door
  • 1 Chicken door with treated wood ramp
  • Flooring & siding has a treated resin
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chicken coop for hens

Another Coop for 10 Chickens

This chicken coop for 10 hens comes from The Chicken Coop Company. It combines a chicken coop and a large chicken run so your hens will have plenty of space to run around. The coop will come boxed and ready for your assembly. It is 65.5 inches wide x 67 inches tall x 42 inches long with three 37.5 inch roosting rods and one 36 inch roosting rod.

The chicken coop and run together include an easy to clean pull out tray to catch their waste and keep things clean, heavy gauge hardware, wire mesh, hard plastic lined under roof panels, Ajustlock bolt latches, supporting braces between run panels, Acrylic sliding window, Fold down and LOCKING window covers and more.

How about Chicken Coops for 100 Chickens?

That is a great question! Here is the answer. We can build a custom shed to serve as your chicken coop if you want to house a lot more birds. All you need to do is find a shed you like from our collection of buildings and then ask about customizing it with some coop features.

Please note that we are not always able to do this kind of customization, but you can follow our guide on how to turn a shed into a chicken coop and add the coop features you need for your flock.

Let’s get started!

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