Shed Site Preparation & Delivery

shed delivery from fisher barns in south carolina

Shed Site Preparation

To get ready for your shed’s delivery, you will need to prepare a site where it can be placed. There are several options for site preparations so choose the one that works best for your situation.

Level Site

If the ground is level where you intend to have the building placed, we can install the building on your level site. NOTE: Many customers think their ground is level, only to discover otherwise upon delivery. If you choose to place the building on the ground, please be certain that the site is level.

Gravel Pad

A gravel pad is a great way to prepare your site. The gravel allows rainwater to drain away, while providing a solid base for your building. Make sure you use gravel, as this can be tamped and leveled better than clean stone. For information on how to make a gravel pad, see this article.


If your site is uneven, concrete blocks can be used to level the structure. Buildings cannot be blocked any higher than 24″. Please note that for buildings over 28′, you will need to have a level site for the building unless approved by the driver.

Shed Delivery

We provide free delivery within 50 miles for most of our buildings. If you are planning on purchasing one of our buildings and having it delivered, there are several things you can do to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

neighbors shed delivery


It is sometimes necessary to drive across a neighbors property in order to deliver the shed. If so, make sure you check with your neighbor to get his/her approval.

yard access shed delivery


Make sure there is clear access to the delivery location. There needs to be enough space for a truck and a 25 foot trailer. Also, make sure there is overhead clearance of 14′ from limbs, wires, etc. as well as underground clearance from septic tanks, ditches, pipes, etc.

fence shed delivery


If there is a fence around the area you want to place your shed, make sure the gate (or other opening) is at least 2 ft. wider than the building.

Find Your Perfect Structure

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