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Here at Fisher Barns, we value providing quality products to our customers. We want you to be thrilled with your purchase, while enjoying it for many, many years. For this reason, we use state-of-the-art building materials, such as LP Smartside siding.

For your peace of mind, we also offer a 5 yr. manufacturer’s warranty (see the details here). If you have any problems within the first 5 yrs, let us know, and we’ll fix our mistakes.

Our Manufacturer's Warranties

Shingle Roofing

The optional shingle roof utilizes 30 yr architectural shingles so your possessions will stay dry and secure in your sturdy new Fisher Barn.

LP Smartside

Our standard siding is guaranteed to resist fungal decay, chipping, and more for 50 yrs. And did I mention it is manufactured to resist termites? Win-win! Warranty Details

Metal Roofing

All of our metal roofing and is 29 gauge with a 40 yr paint warranty. It’s so good, it’ll probably outlast some of us! Metal is also available as a siding option.

Returns: We do not accept returns, but we do offer a 5-year warranty on our sheds. Repossessed or used buildings do not have a warranty. Here are a few more details.

1. This warranty will not apply to any Fisher’s Storage Barns product or any part thereof which has been
damaged by adverse weather conditions, earthquake, hail, wind, fire, water, flood, earth movement, accident,
or other event, theft, vandalism, act of God, or a casualty which is customarily covered by homeowner’s
2. This warranty does not cover damages to building contents or other personal property that is normally
covered by homeowners’ insurance.
3. Certain specific instances will void the warranty in the affected areas and include, but are not limited to,
customer alterations and modifications including ramps, steps, decks, interior modifications and hasps that have
been installed by the customer or third parties.
4. This warranty does not cover broken windows or other damages not reported at the time of initial delivery
and setup.
5. This warranty does not cover the normal wear and tear of wood or wood products from normal use that can
occur over time which include cosmetic changes in the appearance of wood or wood products that are not
6. This warranty does not cover water sealer or paint. Water sealer is rated for 3 years, and paint is rated for 8
years under normal environmental conditions. Under certain circumstances that rating can vary, including, but
not limited to, an abnormal amount of sunlight or wet conditions for extended periods of time.
7. This warranty does not cover missing or lost keys.
8. This warranty does not cover damaged caused by any other misuse, alteration, neglect, improper
maintenance, or abuse not specifically described in the preceding.
9. Requests to re-level a building may indicate an unsuitable foundation or ground condition. All re-leveling
requests fall outside of this warranty.
10. Appearance is not covered under this warranty.

Find Your Perfect Structure

Are you tired of clutter, sick of tripping over things, and wishing you just had more space. At Fisher Barns, we provide great storage solutions so that you can worry less about clutter and focus more on what’s important. Find your perfect structure today.

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