The Classic Workshop

red classic workshop shed for sale

The Classic Workshop brings a more contemporary look than the Workshop, complete with shutters, roof-line fascia, and transom windows in the doors. It is perfect for a She Shed or Garden Cottage. The A-frame style easily matches your existing structures and meets most Homeowners’ Association (HOA) requirements.

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Each Classic Workshop Shed Includes:

classic workshop shed style

A-Frame Roof

Match your home with the Workshop’s timeless A-Frame roof style. Perfect for a garden or backyard storage shed.

classic workshop shed doors

Double Doors & Transom Windows

Get convenient access for your mower, ATV, or other large valuables with large double doors. Standard on every shed, these doors have a total opening of 5′ or 6′, depending on the size of the building.

classic workshop shed window

Windows & Gable Vents

Two windows come standard on all buildings larger than 10×16. Gable vents on each end of the structure provide ventilation, which keeps your building cooler and less stuffy.



8 x 12


8 x 16


10 x 12


10 x 16


10 x 20


12 x 12


12 x 16


12 x 20


12 x 24


12 x 28


12 x 32


12 x 36


14 x 20


14 x 24


14 x 28


14 x 32


14 x 36


Standard Features:

  • FREE Delivery within 50 miles of our main locations!
  • Available in sizes from 8×12 to 14×36
  • 3/4 in tongue and groove flooring
  • Standard side wall height is 7′ 4″
  • Double doors
  • Transom windows in double doors
  • Two windows (buildings 12′ long and smaller include one window)
  • Shutters
  • Fascia board around roof-line
  • Gable vents
  • Pressure-treated 4×6 Runners are notched to give the building a strong stable base.
  • 2×6 Pressure Treated floor joists spaced at either 12 or 16″, “on center”, provides a very rigid floor that will support a heavy load without being compromised.
  • Your choice of paint colors

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