About Us

Fisher Barns was founded in 2003 by Matt and Marvin Fisher, brothers who were working in concrete finishing for a number of years before deciding to try their hands in the shed business. Between them, they have experience in home construction, pole barns, and storage sheds, as well as having benefit of family already in the shed business, giving them experience to draw from. They started out slowly, buying sheds out of Tennessee and Virginia. From there, they started selling the sheds in the Abbeville area, and it wasn’t long after that they starting building their own sheds in 2004. The two brothers soon found it necessary to find full-time help, and in 2007 the third brother, Gene, joined them. Gene has taken over the playset division of Fisher Barns, as well as helping with the construction of the sheds.

Over the next few years, the business continued to grow. In 2010, land was purchased in Abbeville, and a new steel building was built. This building would prove to better accommodate their needs and allow for future growth.

Our goal at Fisher Barns is first to glorify God, the Giver of all good things. He’s the One that makes it all possible! Secondly, we strive for customer satisfaction, believing it to be the utmost importance that you, as our customer, are delighted with the service and product you receive. Without you, we would not be in business! Stop in or give us a call. We’d love to help you with your storage needs.

Meet the Team

Matt Fisher – Owner

Matt is from a large family (he’s #10 of 12!) where from an early age he learned the value of hard work. Matt and his wife Violet have 4 beautiful daughters, ages 2-13. They also own a small farm, which keeps them busy with gardening and raising a few beef cattle. Most days you will find Matt on the road delivering quality structures to our customers. This gives him many opportunities to interact with customers and put his business principles to practice – being honest, and treating others how he’d like to be treated.

Marvin Fisher – Owner

Marvin – or Marv, as he’s known around the shop – is the 11th child. Growing up with so many people in one house meant life was seldom boring! He is now married and has 3 wonderful children of his own. Marv’s job is to make sure production runs smoothly and customers receive the high-quality structures they have come to expect from Fisher Barns. When Marv gets some free time, he enjoys hunting and playing a few rounds of golf. His goal and passion in life is to represent Jesus as He really is.

Gene Fisher – Playset Division

Growing up in Maryland, Gene is the youngest of the family. He and his wife have 4 children. They are also foster parents. As a family, they love camping and going to the beach. Gene has worked at Fisher Barns since 2008 and is in charge of the playset division. His job of ordering and installing playsets is important, as the happiness and imaginations of children and grandchildren depend upon it. His favorite sport is baseball, as is evidenced by many conversations in the break room.

Esther Anna Fry – Greenwood Sales

Esther Anna is a salesperson at our Greenwood location. Esther Anna grew up in an Amish home and is the youngest of 14 children. She was born in Indiana, moved to South Carolina in 1992, and “LOVES IT!” Not only does she have a hobby of making cards, she also enjoys spending time with friends and family. When working with Esther Anna, you can expect to be greeted with a smile and welcome. She enjoys doing everything she can to make sure her customers are satisfied.

Stacy Patterson – Anderson Sales

Stacy works in sales at our Anderson location. Stacy and her husband Mark, have six children. As a family, they enjoy fishing, trips to the beach, and just spending time together. Her passion and goal in life is to continue growing in Christ daily as well as treating everyone she encounters with respect and love. Stacy loves her job and will strive to do anything possible to ensure that our customers leave happy and satisfied with their experience.

“I highly recommend Fisher Barns to everyone. They recently delivered and setup a 14’x32′ dutch barn building on my property for my business to relocate to. The quality of this building is absolutely amazing, very well built. You can tell just by looking at the workmanship that they take pride in the work they do. They are absolutely great to work with, very professional and knowledgeable. I have already ordered a second building from them and can’t wait to have it delivered. If anyone is thinking about purchasing an outdoor storage barn/building, I highly recommend that you check out Fisher Barns. You won’t find a better company to work with.”Bonnie R.

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