What Is A Dutch Barn Shed? Its Uses And More It's History, Features, Prices, & Uses

November 18, 2021      Shed Tips

Have you ever wondered the following when you first heard about Dutch Barn sheds?

If you are wondering, “What is a Dutch Barn shed!?”, then keep on reading to discover how this style of shed originated, learn about its unique features, get a price, and more!

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What Is A Dutch Barn Shed?

Did you know that Dutch Barn style was around since the 11th century!? That is precisely 1,000 years ago. However, this charming build did not originate with sheds.

It all began with barns and the historically rich Netherlands.

So, what is a Dutch Barn Shed?

The Dutch Barn shed inherited its name from the traditional Dutch Barns that were first built in the Netherlands by Dutch builders. This traditional barn style was brought to the New World (USA) in the 1620s. Once in the New World, the unique structural beauty of the Dutch Barn began to be imitated by other structures beyond just the traditional barn. Thus, the Dutch Barn Shed stepped onto the scene.

While traditional Dutch Barns housed animals, feed, and equipment, the Dutch Barn Shed, stores yard, garden, and household storage. Both showcase a stunning overhanging gambrel roof which offers a maximum storage space.

In a nutshell, a Dutch Barn Shed holds a distinct gambrel style roof which allows for a roomy interior and higher ceiling and style dates back to the 11th century Holland.

Unique Features Of Dutch Barn Sheds

The Dutch Barn shed brings a special look and feel to your property thanks to its specific style.

The following highlights each of this shed’s unique features and what they offer you in a storage shed.

A Gambrel Roof

Open & Roomy Interior

Barn-Like Build

The gambrel style roof provides a one-of-a-kind architectural appearance which adds a standout country or colonial taste to your property.

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Popular Uses for a Dutch Barn Shed

Are you still considering how to use your Dutch Barn shed?

If so, the following are some popular and possible ways a Dutch Barn shed can be used and enjoyed!

The list of options on how to use a Dutch Barn Shed can go on and on. Just check out our blog on 90 Storage Shed Ideas, if you need further convincing or inspiration.

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Main Takeaway: The Dutch Barn shed provides the ideal space to fulfill your goals for extra room for living, storage, or recreation.

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If you are tired of disorganized surplus household storage, or not having enough space to enjoy your favorite hobby or to host your buddies or best friends, a Dutch Barn shed is your surefire solution for more space. Looking at the bigger picture, pre-built storage sheds, including Dutch Barn sheds, are a great solution to your space needs (learn more about shed permits in GA and shed permits in SC).

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