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A horse Run-In shed combines affordability, shelter, and freedom into one. Comparatively, a loafing shed is an extremely affordable horse shed option. Two, a loafing shed protects your horses from the wind, snow, and other elements. Three, your horses can come and go as they please. Combine these 3 factors and you have a very happy, safe herd of horses! Request a Free horse Run-In Shed quote or see our in-stock, run-in sheds for sale today!

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The Portable Horse Run-In Shed is available in sizes from 8×8 and larger

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Large Open Front

Give your horses easy access to a loafing shed from the beating sun and chilling rain. Need to keep them inside for a few hours? Just slide a gate across the front of the horse run-in shelter.

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Real Wood Siding

We include genuine Pine Board & Batten siding as a standard feature, so you can enjoy the classic barn look on your loafing shed. See our in-stock run-in sheds for sale now.

Architectural Shingle Roof run in horse barn

Architectural Shingle Roof

All of our horse run-in sheds include a 30 year architectural shingle roof. We want your new shed to continue to provide shelter for many years.

12x48 Run In Shed

10x24 Run In Shed Aiken Sc

10X24 Run in Shed SC.

10X30 Run in Shed

12x28 Run In Shed Rock Hill Sc

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Run-In (Loafing) Shed Standard Features:

  • White Pine Board & Batten Siding (Paint Optional)
  • Lifetime Architectural Shingles
  • Oak Kickboard 4′ High
  • Available in sizes from 8×12 to 12×48.

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