Shed Permits in GA: #1 Guide

Brianna Schwartz

September 14, 2023      Shed Tips

Looking to build a shed, but confused about shed permits in GA? We feel the struggle. Keep reading to understand permit requirements. Just wanting local answers? Jump ahead to our table with links to specific GA cities and counties.  

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Beautiful shed following shed permit guidelines in GA.

Do I Need a Building Permit For a Shed in GA?

Yes. If you plan to build a shed for residential use that is 200 square feet or larger, you will need a building permit. If you want to construct a shed for commercial purposes that is 120 square feet or larger, a building permit is required.

For a visual, check out our infographic. 

An infographic outlining shed permit requirements in GA.

Let’s break down building permit requirements in GA.

You’ve seen the requirements for shed permits in the state. However, Georgia gives local governments the option to amend state building codes (once reviewed by the DCA). Therefore, building permit requirements for sheds can vary in different counties to cities. 

Additionally, if you plan to add electricity, water, or a permanent foundation to a shed, additional permits are required. 

Because of these variations, ensure you reach out to your local government for more information on building and zoning regulations. 

A shed following shed requirements in GA.

Access Your Local Shed Permit Requirements in GA

Stressed about finding your local shed permit guidelines? No need for panic! We’ve created two tables with direct links to local building codes. The first table includes 30 of the largest counties in GA, while the second one includes 40 of the largest cities in GA

County Shed Permit Requirements in GA


Athens-Clarke County
Baldwin County
Barrow County
Bartow County
Bryan County
Bulloch County
Camden County
Carroll County
Cherokee County
Clayton County
Colquitt County
Columbia County
Coweta County
Decatur County
Douglas County
Effingham County
Fayette County
Floyd County
Glynn County
Gordon County
Habersham County
Hall County
Henry County
Houston County
Jackson County
Laurens County
Liberty County
Lowndes County
Macon County
Muscogee County
Newton County
Paulding County
Richmond County
Rockdale County
Spalding County
Thomas County
Troup County
Walker County
Walton County
Whitfield County

City Shed Permit Requirements in GA 


Athens-Clarke County
East Point
Johns Creek
Peachtree Corners
Sandy Springs
South Fulton
Union City
Warner Robins
A shed using a shed permit in GA.

Do I need a building permit for a shed in Fulton County, GA?

Yes. If your shed is 200 square feet or larger, you will need a residential building permit in GA. Fulton County aligns under the 2018 International Residential Codes with Georgia Amendments

Do I need a building permit for a shed in Gwinnett County, GA?

Yes. In Gwinnett County, sheds that are 120 square feet or larger require a building permit. Here is where you can start the shed permit process for Gwinnett County.

Do I need a building permit for a shed in Cobb County, GA? 

Yes, Cobb County requires building permits for sheds. For access to permits, visit Cobb County’s website

Do I need a building permit for a shed in Chatham County, GA? 

Yes, sheds within Chatham County need a building permit. 

Do I need a building permit for a shed in Atlanta, GA?

Yes, Atlanta requires all residents to obtain a building permit for sheds. 

Do I need a building permit for a shed in Savannah, GA?

Yes, if your shed is more than one story and/or 120+ sq. ft., you need a permit. If it is one story and less than 120 sq. ft., you do not need to get a building permit.

What are the shed permit costs in GA?

On average, a building permit for a shed in GA costs a minimum of $70. Some cities and counties charge a minimum fee based on the cost of construction. For example, shed building permits in Savannah have a minimum fee of $40, charging $8 per every $1,000 spent on construction. 

How long does it take to receive a shed building permit in GA?

In general, it takes anywhere from 1-10 business days to receive your shed permit in GA. 

A shed following the shed permits in GA.

Can a Homeowner Pull a Shed Permit in GA?

Yes. When a homeowner is planning to construct their own shed, they can pull a building permit themselves. However, if a homeowner is planning to have a contractor build the shed, the contractor is responsible for receiving the required permits in GA. 

Listed is some of the information you’ll need to submit for a building permit for your shed:

Can I build a shed without consent in GA?

Only in some cases can you build a shed without a permit. In most areas of GA, sheds for residential storage use are exempt from a building permit if they are under 200 square feet. However, there are some jurisdictions that only allow you to build a shed without consent if it’s under 120 square feet. And still other regions of GA require a shed permit regardless of size. 

In short, ensure you check with your local zoning and building requirements before beginning construction. 

How long is a shed permit valid in GA?

Generally, a shed permit is valid for six months. This means that once you receive your shed permit, you have six months to complete your shed. Keep in mind that this varies in different regions in GA. 

Where should I apply for a building permit in GA?

Typically, building permit applications can be submitted online. You can find your local government’s building permit application through the links in the table above. 

Can I apply for a building permit online in GA?

Yes. In most regions, building permits are available online and allow for an easy application process. There are a few regions of GA which do not allow for online applications; check through your local government’s web page. 

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A shed following the guidelines for shed permits in GA

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A shed that has a building permit for sheds in GA.

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Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, you now fully understand the requirements for shed permits in GA. Here at Fisher Barns, we construct quality, customizable sheds and garages, providing a hassle-free process to your perfect shed. And if you want to steer clear of a shed permit in GA, read our guide on 10×12 storage sheds. In getting your perfect shed, you may also be interested in our 90+ storage shed ideas or our how-to guide in turning a shed into an office or airbnb. Or, get answers to your garage permit questions in GA.

We wish you the very best on your shed-dreams!


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