Pre-Manufactured Garages: 7 Things To Know

Austin Weaver

June 21, 2022      Shed Tips

Did you know that over 70% of families do not use the front door but instead the garage door to enter the house? Now of course, that’s most likely for attached garages, or garages that are “attached” to your house. Are you interested in pre-built “detached” garages?

Pre-manufactured garages are way cheaper than building a garage on-site from scratch because every detail is done quickly and efficiently at the shop. Now that’s not to say that a pre-manufactured garage is just a dull-looking, mass-manufactured shed. I mean, check out this custom pre-manufactured garage!

exterior of white pre-manufactured garage for sale

Anyway, we’ll go over some important pre-manufactured garage questions that you need to know before buying one for yourself. Here we go!

What Is A Pre-Manufactured Garage?

A pre-manufactured garage is basically a garage that is either assembled (completely or partially) at the shop and then delivered to the customer. Essentially, the “important” parts of the shed are developed at the shop and either assembled together at the shop or at the customer location. So, the takeaway is that pre-manufactured garages are NOT built from scratch at the delivery location. 

exterior of a white-doored pre-manufactured garage for sale

Pre-manufactured garages are NOT the same as (1) stick-built garages or (2) traditional garages.  

1.) Stick-built garages are garages that are built with wood by the traditional method, or on-site. 

2.) As we implied earlier, traditionally-built garages are fully constructed on-site. 

exterior of red and white pre-built garage for sale

Are Pre-Built Garages Worth It?

The answer is, almost always, a resounding yes! Here are a couple of instances where a pre-built garage would especially be worth considering.

Small Budget

If you’re trying to get a quality shed at a minimum cost, there are plenty of companies out there that have pre-built garages for sale at an affordable cost. 

To get some actual prebuilt garage prices, you could try designing a couple of “cool” sheds in our 3D Shed Designer, and it’ll give you an immediate estimate!

exterior of grey pre-manufactured garage for sale


If you’re in a bit of a time crunch, a pre-built detached garage is a lot quicker to build and deliver than a traditional shed build. 

Think about it. A pre-built, single-car garage, for example, is much quicker to build in a shop where the basic building process is most likely systematized.

Quality Builder

Buying from a quality builder is everything. We know we’re biased, but we just had to let you know: Fisher Barns is a top-quality shed builder that has constructed hundreds of pre-manufactured garages, from pre-built wooden garages to pre-built metal garages. Let us know if you’re interested in one of our pre-built garages for sale

exterior of brown pre-manufactured garage for sale

Fast & Easy Installation

Unlike traditionally-built garages, pre-manufactured garages are quick and easy to install.

Typically, the installers will bring your shed to the delivery location, install the garage, and POOF! they’re out of there!

You Might Have To Reconsider…

There are several obvious scenarios in which purchasing a pre-manufactured garage might be a bad idea.

One, never buy a pre-built detached garage without first making sure the garage-building company is reputable. Not all who cry wolf are wolves, are we right? Alright, take that analogy with a “grain of salt.” But I think you get the gist: choose your garage-building company carefully. 

Two, if you’re set on wanting a traditional-built garage then a pre-manufactured garage is out of the picture then.

Thirdly, you’ll most likely need to get a shed permit in order to install or build a pre-manufactured garage. If the building permit is not approved, don’t order a shed.

What Does A Pre-Built Garage Cost?

Because there are a ton of pre-built garage companies out there, we can’t give you definite garage prices across the garage industry. But we can give you some general costs based on our competitively-priced pre-manufactured garages. We offer two different types of pre-built detached garage styles: the A-Frame Garage and the Gambrel Garage. 

A-Frame Pre-Manufactured Garage

The A-frame Garage is basically a traditional garage with a gable roof. They run anywhere from around $8,500-$12,000. 

If you’re looking to add internal storage space, just add a loft or two; or, for a custom-built exterior, you could use different types of siding, including LP Smartside, lap, or metal siding.

Gambrel Pre-Manufactured Garage

The Gambrel Garage comes with a double-sloped (yup, you guessed it) Gambrel-style roof, allowing for max storage capacity. They cost anywhere from around $8,500-$12,000. 

By adding an additional loft or two, you could have a large amount of space to store plenty of storage items while at the same time, keeping your vehicle safe and sound. A pre-built garage with a loft doesn’t sound too bad now does it?

To wrap up, feel free to try our 3D Garage Designer. With this tool, you’ll be able to customize and create your own pre-manufactured garage while at the same time see a price estimate. The good news is that it’s also free!

Build Your Garage!
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What Is The Cheapest Type Of Garage To Build?

Of course, the cheapest type of garage to build is to DIY a pole-building (post frame) garage. A great place to learn more about this is at this article.

From us, personally, our pre-built garage prices are cheapest at the 12×20 A-Frame or Gambrel garage size. Feel free to design your 12×20 garage here.

interior of pre-built detached garage for sale

How Much Value Does A Detached Garage Add To A House?

The value a detached garage adds to a house depends on several factors, including the overall aesthetic of the garage, etc. If you like to learn a bit more about this, read this article

Amazingly, a good garage can add anywhere from ¼ – ½ to the value of a house. Alternatively, it could add anywhere from around $5,000-$25,000. Although these stats are fairly general, the point is that you could increase overall property value by a lot with the addition of a quality pre-manufactured garage.

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Is It Cheaper To Buy A Garage Or Build One?

It is typically cheaper to build a garage yourself rather than buy one. The main reason is that when you build a garage yourself, there are no labor fees factored into the equation, saving you plenty of money.

You could either buy a kit and build the garage yourself or buy the materials and build your garage from scratch.

exterior of red-roofed pre-manufactured garage for sale

Can You Buy A One-Car Garage?

Yes, you can absolutely buy a one-car garage!

At Fisher Barns, we offer pre-built garages that will fit a single car or small trailer that can be customized by siding type, siding color, and more. If you’re interested in learning more about who we are or about our pre-built single-car garages, go see our pre-manufactured garages or contact us!

View Single-Car Garages
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Wrapping It Up

We trust this was a helpful guide to pre-manufactured garages. Pre-manufactured garages are affordable, easy to install, and can often be customized (see garage building requirements in GA and garage building permit requirements in SC). So let your imagination run, and build the pre-manufactured garage of your dreams! 

Design Your Pre-Manufactured Garage! See Pre-Manufactured Garages

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