10x12 Storage Sheds: Get More Space in a Small Area

Josiah Stoltzfus

April 30, 2021      Shed Tips

10×12 storage sheds are one of the most popular sheds sizes on the market. This is most likely because of how small and portable they are. They can fit almost anywhere and they provide lots of extra storage space without taking up too much space in your backyard. For those trying to decide if a 10×12 shed will work for them, this post provides helpful information to help guide your decision. You will also find out how to get even more useful space out of a 10×12 storage shed with shelves and lofts.

Style and Pricing Options for 10x12 Sheds

10×12 Dutch Barns

A 10×12 Dutch Barn provides a great way to maximize the storage capacity of your shed. Its gambrel roof style gives you lots of overhead space, especially when you add a loft.

Dutch Barns

10×12 Workshop Sheds

The Workshop Sheds have a traditional storage shed look. They come with an A-frame roof and a simple frame. If you prefer the tradition of an A-Frame shed look over the Barn Shed look, then the 10×12 Workshop Shed is perfect for you.

Workshop Sheds

10×12 Classic Workshop Sheds

10×12 Classic Workshop Sheds are much like regular Workshop Sheds, but with a classier look. All Classic Workshop Sheds come with shutters, transom windows in the doors, and roof-line fascia. If you want a bit more class on your 10×12 Shed, this might be your pick.

Classic Sheds

10×12 Cabin Sheds

10×12 Cabin Sheds are designed to be used as guesthouses (very small ones), home offices, or even hunting cabins. The Cabin Sheds come with lots of windows for plenty of natural light, custom porch options, and more. Get started by clicking below.

Cabin Sheds

How Much can a 10x12 Shed Hold?

The 10×12 sheds are most often used for storage of various kinds. Some folks use them for storing garden tools and other household items. They are great for storing lawnmowers, bicycles, snowblowers, and other garden tools. Note the layout showing how a 10×12 storage shed floorplan with a mid-sized lawnmower and a few other garden tools.

Can I get More Space out of my 10×12 Storage Shed?

You might think that a 10×12 shed is a 10×12 shed and there is no way to get more space than the 120 square feet in the building. But think again. Several popular additions can give you more space inside your storage shed.

120 sq ft of Extra Space

Here is how you can get more space out of your 10×12 storage shed.

  1. Add lofts. If you add two 3’ lofts on the gable ends of the shed, that will give you an additional 80 square feet of storage space. Due to the roofline of the Dutch Barn, the loft space in a 10×12 Dutch Barn will be much more useful than in The Workshop or The Classic Workshop. If you want to learn more about sheds with lofts, click here.
  2. Add Shelves. You can also add two shelves on either end of the 10×12 shed. If you add two 18” shelves along each 10’ side of the shed, you will get an additional 60 square feet of storage space inside your building.

You now have lofts and shelves that equal the amount of floor space in a 10×12 shed. This means you will be able to keep your shed much more organized by storing things on shelves and in the loft and you won’t have to trip over stuff on the floor every time you enter your building!

Find a 10x12 Shed

More 10x12 Shed Uses

Now that we have talked about how to maximize your 10×12 shed as a storage unit, let’s consider some other creative uses for a 10×12 shed. There are 101 other uses for 10×12 sheds, but we’ll allow you the excitement of dreaming up the other ideas. We’re sharing five creative uses here.

a cat laying down in a 10x12 storage shed

A She Shed

She Sheds have been in high demand over the past five years. They can be a quiet place for a busy mother to get away and work on a hobby or a way for a wife to create her own unique space that fits her taste just so. A 10×12 storage shed can readily be converted into a unique small She Shed for just that.

If you do plan to insulate the building, consider upgrading the windows to an insulated window and find out your options for an insulated floor. A shed floor is much more difficult to insulate after the fact than it is to do during the building process.


A man in a 10x12 storage shed

A Man Cave

He Shed, She Shed?

Well, men also have their caves. A place for work or play. A 10×12 Man Cave could be a space to tinker with the motorcycle, build things, create an office space, and much more. Whatever the need, be sure to think ahead and make sure the 10×12 storage shed has the features needed to convert it into a nice useful space.


A hobby workshop in a 10x12 storage shed

A 10×12 Hobby Workshop

Check out this small 10×12 hobby shed. In this story, the owner of the shed has a hobby of creating mosaics. She found this 10×12 shed and had it built and delivered as a shell. After the delivery, she and her husband went to work insulating, wiring, and finishing the interior. She uses the 10×12 shed as space where she can focus on doing the thing she loves.

10×12 storage sheds give you 120 square feet of space for a sewing hobby or about any other kind of hobby you can imagine.


10x 12 Storage Sheds as Chicken Coops

Chicken coops are a rage these days. How about finding one of our 10×12 storage sheds and outfitting it as a chicken coop? If your chickens run free-range, this shed should be able to handle 40 medium-sized hens. You will enjoy a steady supply of eggs for your family and more to sell.

Want to know how much space each hen needs in a chicken coop? Reference our article “What Size Chicken Coop Do I Need” where we give details on the subject or visit another post to learn how to turn a shed into a chicken coop.

An art studio in a 10x12 storage shed

A 10×12 Art Studio

An Art Studio in a shed?

Yes, that’s right. A Shed can create a lovely and quiet space to focus on painting the inspiration you already have. If you are an artist and are painting in your living space or in the basement, 10×12 storage sheds provide a space away from all the clutter and noise to paint in peace.

Check out this small 10×12 shed that was finished out as an art studio for Kelly Money.

No doubt, this is only the beginning of what you could do with 10×12 storage sheds. Hopefully, it is enough to get your own creative juices running.

Want to get started with your 10×12 backyard shed? The first step is to design your building with our 3D Shed Builder, submit the plan and then place a deposit. As a side note, we also have a 3D Horse Barn Designer. If you’re interested in a horse barn, here’s an article on shed row barns.

Anyway, back to topic, we are excited to see how you will be using your own 10×12 building and we might even feature it on our site if you send us the photos after it is set up!

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