An Easy Guide to Your Garden Shed For 2024

Josiah Stoltzfus

October 19, 2019      Shed Tips

garden shed guide

Owning a garden shed can seem like a big job. But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. In fact, being a shed owner can be very easy and rewarding. If you already own a garden shed or are thinking of purchasing one, this garden shed guide is perfect for you.

Choosing a Shed

Choosing the Right Shed Size

Choosing the right size shed can be one of the most difficult decisions in the shed buying process. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a shed size:

  1. What you will be storing
      • If you plan to store tools or other small items, an 8×8 Mini Barn may work just fine. However, if you are planning on storing a zero turn mower, you might consider a 10×12 shed or larger. 
  2. Space in your yard or garden
    • Most likely this will not be an issue but if you have a specific place you want to put your shed, you’ll need to consider if there is plenty of space.
  3. Give yourself room to grow
    • You most likely have ideas for what you want to currently use your shed. But who knows? Maybe further down the road you’ll decide that you want to do more. It might be a good idea to give yourself a little more space then you need in anticipation of this. One way to provide more room is to add a loft to your shed. If you’re interested in learning more about sheds with lofts, click here.

Choosing the Right Siding

There are several different shed siding options available but the most popular are wood and metal. Neither of them is necessarily any better than the other. Here’s some of the advantages of metal and wood siding.

Wood siding

  1. More easily customized
  2. Generally more attractive
  3. Cheaper

Metal siding

  1. Fire resistant
  2. More durable

Shed Uses

Ok, so now you have a garden shed. But what are you going to do with it? There’s a lot of options and quite honestly, it can be overwhelming. To help fight some of that stress, here’s a few ideas for what you could do with your garden shed.


This may seem like an obvious option but sheds are actually really good at storing things. Whether you have tools, furniture, or old shoes, a garden shed can hold it all. A lofted shed is one way to efficiently store a lot of storage items. Click here to learn more.


Garden sheds can also make great workshops. By just adding a workbench or table and some hooks for your tools, you can have a fully outfitted workshop.

She Shed

If you’re looking for a nice place to just get away, consider using your garden shed as a she shed. There’s no specification for how exactly to turn make a she shed. Just let your creativity run free and make a beautiful space.

Shed Decoration

Maybe you’re not as interested in constantly updating your sheds look. In that case, picking a theme and then sticking with it can be a good option. Here’s a few theme ideas:

  1. Rustic
  2. She Shed
  3. Bar
  4. Man Cave
  5. Greenhouse
  6. Summer
  7. Barn

Hopefully you found this garden shed guide helpful! If you’re feeling inspired to buy a garden shed, take a look at our custom and in-stock sheds. Or, you could learn more about our pre-built storage sheds. If you feel like a garden shed isn’t quite your style, take a look at our other sheds or gazebos. If you want to learn more about gazebos, click here. We also offer horse barns. If you want to learn more about modular horse barns, our “Modular Horse Barns: A 2024 Helpful Guide” is a great read. Finally, if we have answers to your questions about shed permits in GA.

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