Modular Horse Barns: The Buyer's Guide

Brianna Schwartz

February 10, 2022      Shed Tips

Did I hear you say “humor me”? Well, I accept the challenge.
What do you call a horse that stays up at night?
A nightmare.
Is your voice “horse” yet from laughing? Ok, I’ll stop “horsing” around and actually give some really useful, horse-related tips on modular horse barns.
Just like us, horses need a place to stay warm and comfortable in the winter months or on a blusterous, rainy day. However, choosing the right horse shelter can be challenging, costly, and stressful. This quick write-up should be a helpful guide for you as you think about the different horse barn options: we’ll be especially highlighting modular horse barns, which is what most horse barns are. Confused? Here’s a clear explanation.

exterior of red modular horse barn for sale near abbeville SC

What Is A Modular Horse Barn?

Here’s a couple short definitions for some horse barn terms.

exterior of brown prefab horse shelter for sale near anderson SC

Traditional And Modular Horse Barn Differences

Before talking about the differences, however, there are some similarities between the two that are worth noting: both are durable, customizable, and beautiful. However, there are some key differences that you may find helpful as you think about what may be the best option for you.

1. Cost

Although this may not be entirely across the board, generally traditional horse barns are much more expensive than modular horse barns.

Comparatively speaking, a modular horse barn may only take a couple of days to assemble and install. Basically, all the workers need to do is put the prefabricated “pieces together.

Traditional horse barns are a whole ‘nother story. From setting the foundation to the final shingle, those workers are getting paid to construct a massive horse barn from scratch. That’s a lot more time, effort, and unfortunately, money poured into labor costs; mainly, because the workers are building from scratch rather than simply assembling prefab horse barn “pieces” together.

2. Weather Protection

Pre-assembled construction means that modular horse barns are built in the “shop.” Of course, assembly is then done on-site. On the flip side, traditional horse barns are built from scratch outside; this leaves your half-finished horse barn continually exposed to rain, snow, hail, volcanoes…OK, maybe hail and volcanoes are a reach, but you get the idea. Being exposed to the elements may not be the best for your half-finished modular horse barn.

3. Extended Construction Presence

As we talked about earlier, construction time lasts a lot longer for traditional horse barns than modular horse barns because the former has to be built on-site from scratch. That means that there’ll be a much longer time period of loud construction noises, action, and possibly added stress at your property.

That’s some of the differences between traditional and modular horse barns in a nutshell. Click this article if you’re interested in reading more about the differences between traditional and modular horse barns.

How Much Does A Modular Horse Barn Cost?

Prefab horse barns are an investment. We realize that. That’s why we want to give you some exact prices up front so that you can accurately estimate and plan for your future horse barn. There’s plenty of companies that have modular horse barns for sale ranging all over the price scale. So what we’ll do is give you a couple exact prices of prefab horse barns that we sell; this should give you a general idea of what price to figure around when purchasing a prefab horse shelter.

Shed Row Modular Horse Barn

Perfect for horses of any size, the Shed Row Horse Barn can be customized to best fit your four-footed friends. We offer shed rows that are available with a tack room for safe storage of your valuable equipment.

exterior of shed row modular horse barn for sale in anderson SC

The base price for a 10×10 shed row is somewhere around $6,000.

Trailside Modular Horse Barn

The Trailside Horse Barn is our smallest center aisle prefab horse barn.

exterior of trailside modular horse barn for sale in greenwood SC

Get the protection and comfort of larger barns with a lower price range when you choose this single-story modular barn. A 30×20 Trailside starts at around $28,000.

Monitor Modular Horse Barn

This barn is one of our most popular modular horse barns. It includes a second-story loft that can be finished out as an office or living quarters.

exterior of monitor prefab horse barn for sale at greenwood SC

With a spacious center aisle, and the ability to add as many stalls as you need, the Monitor Horse Barn is a great fit for those who want style and comfort. The base price for a 30×20 Monitor horse barn begins somewhere around $39,000.

What Is The Most Cost-Effective Horse Barn To Build?

This is another question that can vary from company to company, but in general, a single-story, shed row with no center aisle is probably your most cost-effective option.

exterior of run in prefab horse shelter for sale in abbeville SC

However, here at Fisher Barns, our most cost-effective building is the 8×8 Run-in, which starts roughly around $4,000. Providing affordable shelter from the elements, the Run-In Shed gives your horses the freedom to come and go as they please, all while offering the shade and protection they deserve.

How Big Of A Prefab Horse Barn Do I Need?

Glad you asked. Here’s a list of variables that you should consider when thinking about which size prefab horse barn you need.

exterior of horses for prefab horse barns article

1. Number Of Horses

This is a fairly obvious factor. Keep in mind though that your horse family may grow in the future. Are you looking to purchase more horses down the road? Are you expecting any colts in the near future? Although these are questions you’ve probably already factored into the modular horse barn equation, it’s good to be reminded to take the time to accurately plan around these things in order to get the right size horse barn. 

interior of modular horse barn center aisle in greenwood SC

2. Central Aisle

This is an important question to consider, especially when thinking about what types of machinery that will need access into your modular horse barn. According to, 12 feet is a good width to have as a central aisle width. In this scenario, it’s better to have an aisle that is wider-than-needed rather than smaller-than-needed.

exterior of horse stall for modular horse barns article

3. Stall Size

How much room do you want your horse to have in his stall? According to, a 12’x12’ stall is fairly typical. Depending on the size of your horse, the stall may need to be bigger. If you would like to read more about what size is good for a horse stall, you can read more about that here.

exterior of white and brown modular horse barn for sale in SC

4. Site Location

Also, remember how big the location is for your prefab horse barn. Ask yourself the question: Is it a large enough space to place a horse barn with the dimensions that you chose?

These should be some helpful tips when figuring out what size of a prefab horse shelter that you need. If you would like to learn more, “Horse Barn Design & Planning Guide” is a helpful resource.

Can I Customize A Modular Horse Barn?

Yes, you can. Our 3D Horse Barn Designer is an excellent tool to use if you want to customize your own prefab horse barn. Here’s a couple of the things that you can customize on our horse barn builder:

exterior screenshot of prefab horse shelter near abbeville SC

Of course, this isn’t everything that you can do to customize your modular horse barn. But hopefully this gives you an idea what our 3D Horse Barn Designer could do to create your own modular horse barn.

exterior of brown prefab horse barn for sale in SC

Drawing Things To A Close…

We hope that this quick write-up gave you some helpful pointers regarding modular horse barns and including cost and size, among other things. Let me say this again: purchasing a prefab horse barn is an investment. Of course, that means a lot of planning and research on your part. If you’re looking for an affordable horse barn, read our article on shed row barns or on horse lean-to’s. Or if you want a broad overview of our best horse barn styles, we have that information, too. We hope this article was a helpful landmark on your horse barn journey. Alright, that’s all for now. Happy horse barn hunting!

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