10x12 Gazebos: Why They're Just Awesome

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December 15, 2021      Guides

As Mitch Hedberg once said, “It’s hard to fight when you’re in a gazebo.” Although this may be a rather abstract connection, gazebos are often associated with peace, happiness, and just simple tranquility. Gazebos also add beauty to a backyard; instead of simply having a flat lawn, a gazebo can add culture and variety to a backyard while also changing the environment of your yard into a haven of rest and relaxation. In this article, we’ll take a look specifically at 10×12 gazebos, although a lot of this information may be relevant to other gazebo sizes as well.

For the one or two nerds who may be reading this article, here’s a brief history of the word gazebo. The word “gazebo” seems completely abstract and random, but it’s history is very fascinating. The meaning of the word is found by breaking up “gazebo” into two words “gaze” and “ebo.” “Gaze” means simply what it means in modern English: to look steadily or intently. In Latin, “ebo” means “I shall.” To sum it up, the word “gazebo” means “I shall gaze.” And gazebos do just that: they add beauty and value to a backyard like few outdoor structures can.

Back to 10×12 gazebos, hopefully through this short post, you can better understand the backdrop of 10×12 gazebos and also be able to learn more about different types of gazebos and different gazebo sizes as well. Hopefully, we can also answer some questions that you may have regarding 10×12 gazebos as well. So if you want to learn more…let’s dive in!

Is It Cheaper to Build Your Own Gazebo?

Before we get into specifics, keep in mind that it is very difficult to pinpoint specific prices because there are many different variables that can affect the price of a gazebo. Some of the factors that affect pricing include size, type of material (which we’ll talk about later), shape, site preparation, customization, and more. For example, there are many different shapes of gazebos ranging from fully round to oval to dodecahedron, which is a 12-sided gazebo. We’ll now look at the price differences between buying a gazebo kit, buying an actual gazebo, and building your own.

Buying A Kit

Typically, buying a kit can range from $1,500-$10,000 although you could possibly buy a gazebo kit for as low as $325. Although price can vary drastically, you’re probably going to spend somewhere under $5,000. There are different opinions related to what exact pricing might be for a gazebo, but the general idea is that gazebo kits can be on the more affordable end; however, you still have to keep in mind whether you want a contractor to assemble it for you or if you will build it yourself.

Buying A Gazebo

Simply purchasing a 10×12 gazebo and having it delivered and installed at your property is probably the simplest way; but then again, it isn’t the most cost effective. According to HomeAdvisor, a 10×12 gazebo could cost about $3,000-$7,500, which is fairly affordable, considering a structure that is durable and spacious. We’ll talk more specifics about the potential for a 10×12 gazebo later. Generally speaking, Backyardscape puts the average cost for a gazebo at $6,400, while kompareit puts the cost of buying a gazebo between $2,000-$10,000. Of course, we offer 10×12 gazebos on our website as well. If you want to see specific pricing for our 10×12 gazebos, click here to fill out a quote.

Building Your Own

Generally, on the low end, the cost to build a gazebo yourself might be around $1,500-$2,000 although it can of course cost much more.

construction photo for 10x12 gazebos for sale


Typically, building a gazebo on your own is the most cost-efficient way to purchase a gazebo. One of the ways cost is cut is that instead of paying a contractor for labor costs, you’re putting in the labor yourself. Keep in mind, however, that you most likely are not a professional at building gazebos, leaving the door open for mistakes such as wrong measurements or other blunders. Depending on how bad you blunder, you could be paying a lot of extra money to have the problem solved. Plus, it leaves room for potentially having a less durable gazebo, simply because you may not know all the ins and outs of how to strengthen a gazebo or may just miss adding some support to the structure. On the flip side, if you want a DIY challenge and feel like you’re capable of building a gazebo, the money saved in the end and the satisfaction of building a gazebo by the sweat of your own brow may make the hard work well worth it.To check out more price specifications, HomeAdvisor offers a lot of information on gazebo costs and homepromag writes about things to consider before purchasing a gazebo for yourself.

outside of blue and white gazebo for 10x12 gazebos for sale

Why A 10×12 Gazebo Is A Good Size?

Gazebos come in all shapes and sizes, so figuring out what the best size gazebo is for your backyard can be difficult at best. Here’s a couple of the sizes that we’d like to highlight, but we’ll especially talk about the 10×12 gazebo. On the smaller end, there’s the 8×8 gazebo, which would be useful for smaller backyard ideas. Then there’s the larger 12×12 gazebo, which if you’re looking for the standard gazebo size, the 12×12 gazebo fits the bill.

10×12 Gazebo

10×12 gazebos are extremely practical and also spacious, providing for a small getaway place where you can comfortably invite your friends and family and enjoy a good time together while also not overspending on a massive gazebo that could cost thousands of extra dollars. Bigger than the smaller 8×8 gazebos but also not quite as large as a 12×12 gazebo, 10×12 gazebos give you the ability to dine comfortably in the middle of your backyard. A versatile gazebo size, the 10×12 gazebos could be used either for your barbecue or grill haven or a quaint chill place where you can relax and socialize with others. On the flip side, you may need a larger backyard for your 10×12 gazebo to fit to your backyard.


A good question to ask yourself is “What will I use my gazebo for?” If it will be used just by you or your family, it may be a good idea to buy a smaller gazebo. Of course, if you’re looking for a place to socialize with friends or cook and dine, a larger gazebo is your best bet. We recommend looking at the 10×12 gazebos because of their versatility in use and function.

How Do I Know What Size Gazebo I Need?

There are several factors to consider when thinking about what size of gazebo you need for your backyard.

Ask yourself the question: “What will I be using my gazebo for?” If it’s for dining or socializing with friends, a 10×12 gazebo or any size higher would probably be in your best interest. Narrowing it down even further, find out how large your social gathering might normally be or how big your family is (or will be) to find the right-sized gazebo. Also, think through what kind of environment you want to have in your gazebo. Do you want the gazebo space to be compact and small, yet quaint and orderly; or do you want your gazebo space to be spacious and roomy for many people.

What Type of 10×12 Gazebo Is Best?

There are several different types of gazebos. We’ll quickly show you a couple pros and cons for several types of 10×12 gazebos and then tell you what we offer.

10×12 Wood Gazebo

Wood gazebos are aesthetically pleasing and definitely give more of a rustic and attractive feel to your property. On the other hand, your 10×12 wood gazebo will require maintenance and several restains or repaints down the road. Also, if you give a poor maintenance job, your 10×12 wood gazebo may eventually become weaker over time.

10×12 Metal Gazebo

Typically, gazebos in this category are either made from steel, aluminum, or wrought iron. Some of the perks of purchasing a 10×12 metal gazebo include affordability and low maintenance. Usually, aluminum is the type of metal that is used for metal gazebos, which provides strength for your 10×12 metal gazebo. According to HomeAdvisor, several downsides of 10×12 metal gazebos are that they are not as protected from the weather conditions compared to vinyl or wood.

10×12 Brick Gazebo

The Pluses of a brick gazebo are that they are durable, they can survive against impacts, and in cold climates they can save heat within your 10×12 brick gazebo. On the flip side, brick gazebos are higher-priced and also if there is a foundation shift, cracks in your 10×12 brick gazebo may result.

10×12 Vinyl Gazebo

10×12 vinyl gazebos don’t need much maintenance; plus, the little maintenance that is needed is simple. On top of that, 10×12 vinyl gazebos won’t break overnight and will last you for a long time. A pitfall for a vinyl gazebo is that its appearance may not have the same appeal as a 10×12 wood gazebo may have.

What We Offer

We offer customizable gazebos that can be made with either wood or vinyl. Of course, we have a variety of gazebo styles, shapes, and sizes to meet your needs. Also, you can choose from designs that feature wooden columns and decorative trim, or designs with metal roofing. If you want to check out our gazebos page, click here.

If you’re looking for more information on the pros and cons of different types of gazebos click here.

Wrapping It Up…

If you’re wondering whether purchasing a 10×12 gazebo is worth it here’s a few things to consider. A 10×12 gazebo is a perfect place to relax and dine with others. On top of that, remember the added aestheticism that a 10×12 wood or vinyl gazebo could add to your backyard. Finally, your property itself will become more valuable with the addition of a 10×12 gazebo. On another note, a 10×12 gazebo may just be another place of happiness where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of work or house chores and simply enjoy a good evening with friends and family. Remembering back to the words of Mitch Hedberg, “It’s hard to fight when you’re in a gazebo.”

As a side note, we offer more than just gazebos. We also offer pre-manufactured garages (learn more in this article), sheds, and more!

Anyway, if you’re looking toward more information on gazebos or are interested in downloading a brochure click the left button below. Or if you’re looking to design your own gazebo, click the right button below to submit a gazebo quote request now!

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