How to Turn a Shed Into a Chicken Coop

November 29, 2020      Shed Tips

how to turn a shed into a chicken coop

According to an article on NPR, Coronavirus has brought an increased interest in raising chickens at home. In the words of the author, “For families adapting to disruptions brought on by COVID-19, raising hens is seen as an answer to vexing questions about the availability of staple items at grocery stores.” Raising chickens can be an enjoyable and rewarding endeavor. They are fairly low maintenance, don’t take up much space, and provide you with all the eggs you can eat. One option for a coop is to convert a shed into a chicken coop. A benefit of this approach is that you can customize it to fit your specific needs. In this article, we will discuss the process of converting a shed into a chicken coop.

Best Sheds

Almost any shed can be turned into a chicken coop. Deciding which one is best for you is simply a matter of taste and number of chickens you own.

Mini Barn

Mini barns are the smallest sheds that Fisher Barns carries. They are 8×8 and suitable for housing between 16 and 20 chickens. With a run, it can hold even more.

Dutch Barn

The Dutch Barn is available in sizes 10×12 to 14×36. They can hold a fairly large number of chickens, depending on the size you choose.

The Workshop Shed

The Workshop Shed comes in sizes ranging from 8×8 to 14×36. Much like the Dutch Barn, it can hold a large number of chickens.

The Classic Workshop

As an alternative to the Workshop Shed, the Classic Workshop has as same build as the Workshop but has a classier look.

Interior Work

Once you have a shed, the next step is to work on the interior of your shed chicken coop. There really isn’t that much that needs to be done. The two main projects are nesting boxes and roosting perches. Both of these are easy enough that they can be DIY but you can also purchase them for fairly cheap.

10x12 chicken coop nesting boxes and perch

Nesting Boxes

For information on nesting boxes, check out the link below. It has lots of information on nesting boxes and tons of DIY ideas. You can also check out the YouTube video if you prefer a video explanation.

Roosting Perches

A roosting perch is simply an elevated bar that chickens use to sleep on. Adding a roosting perch is as simple as installing several boards or metal bars a few feet off the ground in your coop. However, if the perch is long, do make sure that you provide supports at the center.

Adding a Run

A run allows chickens to have the freedom to go outside the coop while still remaining protected. There are two parts in adding a run: making a run door and building an exterior fence.

chicken run
Source: DIYfferent

Making a Run Door

To add a door, all you really need to do is cut a chicken size hole at the base of your shed in the place where you plan to add your run. However, if you want to have the ability to close and open the run at any point, a little more work is necessary. One option is to keep the piece of shed that you cut out, add hinges, and install it back onto the shed as a door. You can also add a latch just to make sure it stays closed. Another option is shown in the video below. It is a little more work but should be easier to use. Last, but not least is the option to buy an automatic chicken door that will open and close to keep your chickens safe at night.

Building a Fence

Adding a fence for you run is probably the most difficult of the DIY projects. If you prefer to save the time and hassle, there are plenty of places that sell fences for a decent price. But, if you’re feeling adventurous, check out the video below.

Finishing Touches

And with that, you have chicken coop! Now is the time for you to get creative and add any finishing touches to your coop. This can be decorations, more rooms, flower pots, paint, and more. Visit this Pinterest board for a few ideas to get you thinking.

We hope that you found this helpful. If you are looking for a shed to convert into a chicken coop, you can check out our sheds here. Best of luck!

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