Don’t Get A Storage Building Without These Options!

Hi, and welcome! Since you're reading this, I'm assuming you are looking for a storage building.

That's great!

Let's take a look at some options you'll want to consider in your new building.

An Electrical Package

Are you planning to use your building for a workshop? Do you want plenty of light while you’re working on your projects or getting the garden supplies? Get your building pre-wired so you will have light and power for all of your projects.

Note: All of the electrical work will be completed in your building, but you will need a local electrician to connect power from your house to the building.



If you’d like to maximize your storage space, a loft is a great option. And when paired with the Dutch Barn style, you should have plenty of room for all those Christmas decorations.

The standard loft size is 4 feet, but you can also order a custom-sized loft. Want 8 ft. of storage space? We’ll build a loft that size.

Pro tip: Have 2 lofts installed for even more storage space.



Shelves can be installed on any wall. If you need a place for small items, a shelf is a great solution.

Our most popular configuration includes 3 shelves on a gable wall (see photo).

Combine shelves with a loft to maximize your storage space.


A Workbench

You’re a woodworker, a mechanic, or maybe a home gardener. Whatever the case, a workbench gives you space to spread out and get your work done.

Add your own pegboard for tools, and soon your building will be looking like a genuine workshop.

Get a workbench for added convenience in your storage building.



Side doors allow for easy access when larger items (think golf cart, ATV, or mower) are blocking the double doors. Add a side door as a valuable upgrade to your building.

Don’t want to deal with double doors, or need a larger opening? Garage doors are also an option.



If you’d like more light in your shed, try adding more windows. You can add a window above the loft, or anywhere on the sidewall. If it'll fit, we can put it there! 

Transom windows in the doors add a classy look, while increasing the natural light in your shed. These factors make transom windows a popular option.

Planning to heat or cool your building? Upgrade to insulated windows for better efficiency.



There may be more than one way to get a mower or ATV into your building, but doing wheelies and hoping for the best is NOT one of them. 🙂

A sturdy, securely fastened ramp provides an easy way to get your valuables into your building – then back out again when it’s time to work or play.

See more details on our ramp system here (link).


Find Your Building

Storage buildings help you organize your life and be more productive.

When you order your building, choose features that will increase your storage space, provide power for your tools, and allow for easy access to your valuables.

Click the link below to see buildings that are available for fast delivery, or call us at 864-366-7333 to get professional assistance in designing your perfect building.

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