Garage Building Permits in SC: Ultimate Guide

Brianna Schwartz

October 17, 2023      Shed Tips

A garage with the needed garage building permits in SC.

No one wants the hassle of figuring out the paperwork needed for a garage permit. But don’t let that stress you out! In this article, we have outlined the requirements for a garage permit in SC and given links to relevant local governments so that you can easily find your local specific answers.

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Alright, let’s gather our answers!

A garage up to garage building permits in SC

Do I need a garage building permit in SC?

Yes. Most jurisdictions of SC require a garage building permit. For portable garages in SC larger than 200 square feet, you will most likely need a building permit. In general, attached garages in SC need a garage building permit. 

On top of that, most areas of SC require that you get a zoning permit for your garages, whether they be attached or portable. Additionally, building trade permits are needed for plumbing, gas, or electrical needs in your garage. 

Of course, all of these regulations vary across cities and states. In order to simplify the process for you, we’ve created a table of links to local city and state regulations across the state of South Carolina. 

Remember, before you build your dream garage, ensure that you have all the necessary building permits from your local government. 

To ensure you have the right requirements, check in with your local government authorities

A garage with the needed garage building permits in SC.

Garage Permit Requirements by SC City  

SC City Link to Building Code Information 
Forest Acres
Fort Mill
Fountain Inn
Goose Creek
Hilton Head Island
James Island
Moncks Corner
Mount Pleasant
Myrtle Beach
North Augusta
North Charleston
North Myrtle Beach
Port Royal
Rock Hill
Tega Cay
Travelers Rest
Waterboro ​​
West Columbia


Garage Permit Requirements by SC County 

SC County Link to more building information 
Abbeville County
Aiken County
Anderson County
Bamberg County
Barnwell County
Beaufort County
Berkeley County
Calhoun County
Charlestown County
Chester County
Chesterfield County
Colleton County
Darlington County
Dillon County
Fairfield County
Florence County
Georgetown County
Hampton County
Horry County
Jasper County
Kershaw County
Lancaster County
Laurens County
Lexington County
Marion County
McCormick County
Newberry County
Oconee County
Orangeburg County
Pickens County
Spartanburg County
Sumter County
York County
A garage up to garage code in SC

Do I need a garage building permit in Lexington County, SC? 

Yes, in Lexington County you need a building permit for an attached garage. But if you plan to add a portable, detached garage larger than 200 square feet, you will also need a permit. Additional permits may be required if you plan to add electric, gas, or plumbing. 

Do I need a garage permit in Greenville, SC?

Yes. A garage permit is required for every portable, detached garage that is larger than 200 square feet and all attached garages. 

Do I need a garage permit in Columbia, SC?

Yes, both portable and attached garages need building permits in Columbia, SC. If your portable, detached garage is less than 200 square feet, you will need to have this document. If your garage requires electric, plumbing, or gas, a building trade permit is mandatory for the state of SC. 

Additionally, zoning permits are required for garages within Columbia, SC. 

A garage up to building code in SC.

How much is a garage building permit in SC?

The cost of a building permit for garages in SC varies significantly based on location, size, and overall cost of the project. For example, in Charlestown, the cost for a building permit is a base price of $50 (plus additional costs for plumbing and electrical needs, if applicable). However, many areas of SC base their permit fees on the overall size of your garage. For instance, the city of Conway charges $0.40 per square footage. This means if your garage was 600 square feet, you would be charged $240 (plus a zoning fee of $25).

Furthermore, if your garage requires electric, gas or plumbing, you will have to pay for building trade permits. 

As always, be in touch with your local government to get exact prices on garage permits in SC.

How much is a zoning permit in SC?

Zoning permits, in general, vary across the state of SC. For example, a zoning permit in Horry County costs $25. 

For more specific pricing, contact your local government

Can I get a building permit online?

Yes. In the majority of cities and counties in SC, you can find the needed building permits online. In most cases (like in the county of Lexington) you will fill it out and then email the application to the relevant government officials. 

However, some local governments require that you drop off the building permit application in person at the office. 

How long does it take to have a building permit for a garage approved?

Generally, it takes around 5-7 business days to get a garage building permit approved. Just think! In a very short period of time, you will have your needed permits and then can move on to the fun part: garage building! 

Can a homeowner pull a garage permit?

Yes. However, there are some objections to this, depending on the local jurisdiction. For example, in Lexington County, SC, a building permit can be pulled by the homeowner as long as they do not sell or rent their buildings/land for at least two years. As we’ve said before, ensure you check with your local government to see what is required. 

A garage up to building code in SC

When will my garage building permit in SC expire?

Typically, if work is not started within six months of receiving a building permit or paused for six months or longer, the permit will expire in SC. 

Some areas of SC, like Mount Pleasant, grant extensions to building permits if they are not affected by the Building Permit Allocation Program. 

However, check out our table with links to garage building codes to receive a more accurate representation of your local jurisdiction. 

Will I be penalized for not receiving a garage building permit in SC?

There are a variety of penalties that can occur throughout the state of SC if you do not receive your needed garage building permits. For example, in the city of Anderson, if you build a garage without having a building permit, you will be fined $200 and the permit fee for a new permit will be doubled. 

For more information on garage codes, contact your local government office

A garage up to building code in SC

Wrapping It Up

Well, here are a few take-away points:

  1. Most areas of SC need a zoning permit regardless if you are building an attached or portable, detached garage. 
  2. Most portable, detached garages larger than 200 square feet need a building permit.
  3. Check with your local jurisdiction for more information (see the above table). 

Hopefully, this article will help clear some of the many questions you may have about garage building permits in SC (read about shed permit in SC or garage permits in GA). And if you’re on the look-out for a quality garage, browse our selection of garages or get a free quote

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