Enclosed Dog Kennels: Keeping Your Dog Safe

Josiah Stoltzfus

January 6, 2022      Shed Tips

For many dog owners, the responsibility of keeping their dogs safe and happy can be challenging. Simply allowing the dog to roam outside all day may be dangerous, depending on where you live. But you may not want your dog indoors all day either. One way to solve this problem is with an enclosed dog kennel. In this short write-up, we hope to give you a better understanding of what an enclosed dog kennel is and how it could help you and your furry friend.

exterior image of enclosed dog kennel for sale in SC

What Is An Enclosed Dog Kennel?

There’s a lot of murky water out there when it comes to dog kennels, dog runs, and dog crates. If you would like to learn more about what the difference is between a dog kennel and a dog crate, our “Dog Kennels vs Dog Crates” is a great resource.

Just so that everyone’s on the same page, we’ll define an enclosed dog kennel as a covered dog kennel plus a dog run. We’ll try to answer a few questions that you may have about enclosed dog kennels and also mention 10×10 chain link dog kennels to help guide you forward in your dog shelter journey.

How Big Are Enclosed Dog Kennels?

Sizes for enclosed dog kennels range from one extreme to the other and can depend on the company, kennel size, and much more. So instead of giving some sizes from random companies that are out in the market, we’ll give you a couple examples of what dog kennel sizes we sell.

8×12 Enclosed Dog Kennel

To illustrate what an enclosed dog kennel looks like, this 8×12 enclosed outdoor dog kennel is a great example. Featuring almond wood siding and white trim, it will not only be just a safe haven for your dog but will also add aesthetic appeal to your backyard.

On top of that (no pun intended), a roof that is constructed from weathered wood and asphalt shingles is placed to protect your dog from the elements.

Now for the dimensions: this 8×12 enclosed dog kennel has a spacious 8×8 outside dog run and a cozy 4×4 dog kennel. A large doggie door allows for your pet to roam freely from the dog run to the kennel.

This 8×12 enclosed dog kennel costs $4,499.00.

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10×12 Enclosed Dog Kennel

Here’s another great example of an enclosed dog kennel. This 10×12 enclosed outdoor dog kennel is made for two dogs. Featuring an LT grey wood siding and white trim, the exterior of this dog kennel is well-designed. This 10×12 enclosed outdoor dog kennel also has slate asphalt shingle roofing, a 36” back entrance, and 2 windows.

Although not totally the same across the board, many companies that produce outdoor dog kennels will provide quality dog kennels that will add beauty to your property.

As mentioned earlier, this kennel is made for two dogs, which means that there are two separate kennels and runs.

This specific 10×12 enclosed dog kennel costs $5,375.00.

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Chain Link Dog Kennels

Although chain link dog kennels do not necessarily fall under our definition of an enclosed dog kennel, these kennels can be much more cost effective and deserve to be mentioned. For example, our 10×10 chain link dog kennels are a great way for your dog to get fresh air and sunshine without you having to worry about your dog’s safety. Plus, you can add a tarp roof, giving your dog protection from the sunshine or rain.

exterior photo of beautiful 10x10 chain link dog kennel for sale in SC

10×10 Chain Link Dog Kennels

Our 10×10 chain link dog kennels weigh about 200 lbs. and measure 4 ft. or 6 ft. high, depending on the size of your dog and how high he can jump. Like we said before, you can also add a tarp roof and have it placed on your 10×10 chain link dog kennel. Although this will protect your dog from the elements, it is not as permanent or heavy-duty as an actual wood roof with shingles, such as our enclosed dog kennels. On the plus side though, you won’t spend near the money on a 10×10 chain link dog kennel that you would for one of the enclosed dog kennel examples above.

outside picture of great 10x10 chain link dog kennel for sale in SC

Hopefully, these two examples of enclosed dog kennels were able to give you a small picture of what could possibly be your furry friend’s future home. Of course, there are many different styles, colors, and options of enclosed dog kennels, that you can find in many different companies, so find what works best for you and your pet.

What Is An Enclosed Outdoor Dog Kennel Useful For?

You may be wondering why is an enclosed outdoor dog kennel so beneficial so here’s a couple reasons why.


Like we said, an outdoor kennel allows for your dog to get both fresh air and warmth without you having to do much extra work. If they’re too warm they can get some fresh air in the dog run, but if it’s too cold they also have a cozy den to rest in.

exterior picture of red and white enclosed outdoor dog kennel for sale in SC

Aesthetic Appeal

According to Kennelstore, dog kennels add aesthetic appeal to your backyard, and we’re inclined to agree. Although dog kennels can vary in appearance, most dog kennels have a miniature-house look that can add some quaintness to your backyard.


If there are those within your family who struggle with dog allergies, having an enclosed outdoor dog kennel could be very beneficial. If one of your family members is allergic to dog hair, you probably won’t want your dog roaming the house and leaving dog hair everywhere. Having an outside dog kennel allows for a place where your dog can still walk freely but not cause unwanted allergic reactions.



Additionally, an enclosed outdoor dog kennel allows for your dog to use the restroom in the dog run whenever he needs to. This allows you to rest assured that your dog won’t “go” in your house. According to Kennelstore, this also aids the dog mentally by associating using the restroom with the outdoors, which is what you want if you’re trying to potty train your dog.

If you would like to learn more about how an enclosed dog kennel is beneficial, “Outdoor Dog Kennels: Advantages And Choosing The One For You” is a great resource.

enclosed dog kennels for sale in sc

In Short…

Wrapping it up, enclosed outdoor dog kennels can be very helpful in providing a safe, comfortable space for your dog and also allowing you to rest knowing that your dog is safe. We also hope that through our dog kennel examples, you’re much farther on your dog shelter journey than you were before.

You can also learn about some of the other buildings we offer, like pre-manufactured garages (learn more at this article), at our main website.

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