Dog Kennels vs Dog Crates: A 2024 Comparison

Brianna Schwartz

May 26, 2021      Shed Tips

Dogs are obviously the best pet and friend you can have. (I’m safe saying this because you’re probably a dog person considering the fact that you clicked on this article.) Because this is true, it very important that man’s best friend is well taken care of. An important part of this is having a place where they can stay and be safe, especially when you are not around. You have several options when it comes to this but here, we will be discussing two: dog kennels and dog crates.

What is a Dog Kennel?

dog kennel with roof

Dog kennels are generally outdoor structures with on open chain-link area that sometimes connects to a smaller indoor shelter area. The chain-link area sometimes covered by a roof or canopy to protect your dog from weather. The main purpose of a kennel is to provide an area to protect your dog while still giving her space room to move around. Kennels are especially useful when your dog has a tendency to run off or get into trouble when you aren’t around.

What is a Dog Crate?

A dog crate is small enclosed pen that is usually metal or plastic. The defining feature of most dog crates is that they are portable. Some can even be folded into a compact form for easy storage and portability. Dog crates should only be used as temporary spaces for keeping your dog such as overnight or in a vehicle while traveling. However, it is acceptable to leave a dog crate open during the day and your dog may choose to nap there.

Differences Between Dog Kennels vs Dog Crates

The main difference between a dog kennel and a dog crate is that dog kennels are larger and more permanent than dog crates. This means that it is ok to leave your dog in a kennel for a longer period of time than a crate. It is possible to leave your dog in a kennel for a day or more assuming you are around to give him food and water. However, your dog should never be kept in a crate for longer than 5 hours at a time.

When to use Dog Kennels vs Dog Crates

When considering whether to purchase a crate or a kennel, the main things to consider are how portable you need to be and if your dog is a house dog or not. If you plan to take your dog on trips with you often, a crate is definitely necessary. Also, if your dog will live inside then a crate is best because kennels are too large to be inside your house. However, if your dog will be an outdoor dog, a kennel is definitely preferable as it is more spacious.

Where to Buy a Dog Kennel or Crate

If you’re looking to purchase a dog crate, you may be wondering where you should buy it. For those who want to buy online, Amazon is one of your best options. If you’d prefer to buy it in a brick-and-mortar location, any of your local pet stores should carry dog crates.

Amazon and many pet stores don’t sell dog kennels as they are often too large to ship. So, if you want to purchase a kennel, you’ll need to look around your area for a seller. For those who are from South Carolina, we provide two different types of kennels. You can check out our dog kennels page for more information. However, if you’re not within our delivery area, check out The Dog Kennel Collection. They are an Amish kennel builder based out of Lancaster, PA.


Hopefully you found this article helpful. The answer to the question of dog kennels vs dog crates is that both are important in different situations. Below is a summary of what was discussed in the article:

Dog Kennels

  • Dog kennels are larger, outdoor structures
  • Dog kennels allow you to leave your dog caged for a longer period of time
  • Dog kennels are ideal when your dog lives outside

Dog Crates

  • Dog crates are small, indoor pens
  • Dog crates should only be used for short amounts of time
  • Dog crates are ideal when your dog lives indoors or when you travel a lot with your dog

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