The 2024 Portable Garage Guide Everything You Need to Know About Portable Garages

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May 20, 2020      Guides

This blog post is all about portable garages. If you are homeowner, a portable garage enthusiast (I just made that one up), or you’re just wondering what in the world a portable garage is, this post is for you. By the time you finish reading this, you will have answers to some of the biggest portable garage questions. If you are only looking for an answer to a specific question, take a look at the quick links below.

  1. What is a portable garage?
  2. What is the best portable garage?
  3. How much does a portable garage cost?
  4. How long does a portable garage last?
  5. Do I need a permit for a portable garage?
  6. How do I reinforce my portable garage?
portable garage guide

What is a portable garage?

A portable garage is simply a garage that is not attached to your house, allowing it to be movable. This enables portable garage owners to place their garage in the most ideal location. Portable garages can be very convenient and much cheaper than a full out garage.

Within the portable garage category, there are different types of garages. Some of these portable garages are more portable than others. Below is a list of the three most common types of portable garages.

The Car Canopy

The first type of portable garage is the car canopy. This is the most portable type of portable garage. It is generally built with a metal frame that is covered in a fabric. The car canopy provides protection from sun, rain, and even snow. However, it is not generally designed to handle any harsh weather conditions. We do not offer car canopies here at Fisher Barns.

The Carport

The second type of portable garage is the carport. Carports vary in style. Some are designed with metal frames and fabric roofs and others with metal frames and roofs. Some have completely open sides and others have completely enclosed sides. Fully metal carports are very sturdy and provide protection under some the harshest weather conditions.

Wooden Portable Garage

The third type of portable garage is the wooden portable garage. The whole structure is built from wood with either a metal or shingle roof. They are the strongest and most durable of all portable garages and can withstand very harsh weather conditions. Because they are fully enclosed, they make great garages and storage barns. Fisher Barns custom builds wooden portable garages.

What is the best portable garage?

Choosing the right portable garage for you depends on your individual needs. There are several things you should consider when determining which portable garage is best for you.


Depending on where you live, it may be necessary to get a sturdier portable garage. For example, areas with high wind or heavy snowfall may be too harsh for car canopies and you may need a heavier duty carport or wooden portable garage. Areas with high rainfall may also require a more protected structure. If you don’t know the average rainfall, snowfall, etc. of the place where you live, check out this website for information on state and city weather averages.

Intended Use

Your intended use for your portable garage will affect what type of garage you should purchase. If you only plan on using it for protecting your car, a car canopy or carport may be enough. But, if you plan on using your portable garage for storage of other items, a wooden portable garage or fully enclosed carport will be your best option.

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How much does a portable garage cost?

As you would expect, prices vary depending on whether you are purchasing a car canopy, carport, or wooden portable garage. Prices also depends on size and other added features that you can request.

A 12×20 car canopy will cost anywhere from $300-2,000 while a 14×28 will range from $500-2,500. This price of course varies and some car canopies may be more or less than the these prices. However, most well-built car canopies will fall somewhere within this range.

A Fisher Barns economy two car carport starts at $1,185. Prices then increase depending on style, size, and additional features.

A Fisher Barns 12×20 wooden portable garage starts at $5,250 and a 14×28 wooden portable garage starts at $8,235. Additional features cost extra. For more information, fill out a portable garage quote request or use our 3D shed builder.

How long does a portable garage last?

A well-built portable garage will last for a very long time. A quality car canopy can be expected to last anywhere from 10-20 years. A poorly built one will last a much shorter period. Carports from Fisher come with a 30-year minimum warranty and are expected to last much longer. Wooden portable garages come with a 5-year warranty and can be expected to last 25+ years.

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Do I need a permit for a portable garage?

There is no simple answer to this question due to the variety of state and county laws. In many locations, no permit is required, and you need no permission to place a portable garage assuming you own the property. Elsewhere, you may be required to get a permit depending on the size of your portable garage. Your best option is to check with city or county authorities to get direct answer. By going this route, you avoid the inconvenience of having to pay a fine due to faulty information.

How do I reinforce my portable garage?

If you purchase a wooden portable garage or fully metal carport, no extra reinforcements should be necessary. However, in order to get the max out of your car canopy, it is often a good idea to add additional support.

Reinforced Floor

Reinforcing your car canopy floor is only necessary if it is set on a dirt or grassy area. In these situations, you have several options. One is to build a wooden floor. This is a great way to keep the items inside your garage from getting damp when it rains. Another option is to lay down gravel. This is much easier than building a wooden floor and can also help to prevent rain damage.

Reinforced Roof & Walls

Reinforcing the roof and walls of your car canopy will help it to better withstand bad weather like wind and snow. There are several ways to do this. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is with PVC pipe. In this video, a YouTuber shows you how to reinforce your car canopy in this way. Another option is to use wire or nylon rope to support the walls and roof. Visit this website to see how this is done.

If you are interested in purchasing a portable garage, check out the links below to get a quote or use our 3D Shed Builder to design your own.

It’s Time to Shine

So that’s it. Now you too are an expert on portable garages. Now get out there and show off your awesome knowledge. If you’re interested, we also got an article on pre-manufactured garages. If you are interested in purchasing a portable garage, check out the links below to get a quote or use our 3D Shed Builder to design your own (information on garage building permits in GA and garage building permits in SC can be found in our article).

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