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Josiah Stoltzfus

July 8, 2020      Customer Stories

horse barn ideas event center

I had the unique opportunity to speak with Jerry, the owner of RMS180 and one of our customers. A while ago, we were able to build a High Country horse barn for him and he has been using it for some pretty cool things. This is the story of his horse barn.

The Idea

Jerry bought the property where he lives about a year ago. It’s a beautiful a place that is directly adjacent to a horse pasture. Soon after buying it, he and his wife decided that they would like to add an additional building where they could spend time with their college age kids or host parties and events. After giving it some thought, they hit upon an idea. A horse barn would be the perfect size for what they need and it would look great next to the horse pasture.

The Search

Jerry immediately set out in search of a company that could build them the perfect horse barn. He found several companies that fit his criteria but he eventually settled on Fisher Barns. What immediately impressed him about Fisher was not actually a what. It was a who. Jerry was able to talk to Gene Fisher, the sales manager for horse barns. What impressed him most about Gene was how he sincerely wanted to help and didn’t try to “squeeze you for everything he could get.”

Gene was happy to customize their horse barn however they wanted it, even with an added pavilion. With their criteria met and the plan ready, it was time to start building.

The Build

The builders worked hard on the barn, showing up before dawn and leaving only when the light was too low to work. Or as Jerry explained, in the South they say “They worked from can’t to can’t” meaning, they worked from when you can’t see to when you can’t see. Progress was fast and the builders were able to complete the barn in around 6 weeks.

Jerry and his wife were thrilled with their new barn and they didn’t waste any time putting it to good use. Jerry set up an office on one side of the barn and a workshop on the other. They left the larger center area open for events. This area they have put to very good use. Since finishing the barn, they have hosted live music, cookouts, wedding receptions, and even Thanksgiving.

horse barn interior

The Shed

Jerry said that working with Fisher Barns has been a great experience. Since having purchased the horse barn, he had the opportunity to work with them again. Unfortunately, this time it was exactly planned. A storm in the area blew over a tree which crushed their storage shed. Fortunately, Jerry knew exactly who to call. He worked out the details with Gene while he was on vacation and soon after, they had a new shed.

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about horse barns, our “Modular Horse Barns: A 2024 Helpful Guide” or “Horse Lean To’s: In-Depth Cost & Breakdown” are great resources. Or, if you’re on a tight budget, check out our article on shed row barns.

We sincerely enjoy developing relationships with our customers like we were able to do with Jerry. At Fisher Barns, we want all of our customers to feel like they are being heard. It is in building relationships and listening to our customers that we are able to provide quality service that actually fulfills needs.

creative horse barn use

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