90+ Storage Shed Ideas

Backyard Uniqueness

  1.  Bathroom
    • Instead of spending $$$$$ on an addition to the house, consider purchasing a custom storage building and finishing it out as a bathroom. You could make the wise choice, like the customer who saved over $16,000 by purchasing a 5×6 custom building from Fisher Barns, and then finishing the interior themselves. It turned out beautifully!
  2. Outhouse
    • In contrast to the modern bathroom, the outhouse can be used as a cute garden feature. Or if you’re feeling really nostalgic, you could set it up as the real deal. Keep that scent spray handy!
  3. Camping Shed
    • Keep your camping gear dry, save it from the rodents, and be ready for that next outdoor adventure. You can even add a lean-to and sleep at home under the shed roof. Clear roof panels will allow you to see the stars, while you stay protected from any rain that may threaten your cozy adventure.
  4. Pumphouse
    • Build a rustic pump house and use it for your hobbies. Or, cover a real pump with an attractive structure to save your backyard from blandness and boredom.
  5. Game Room
    • Play a little pool. Set up a card table. Add a mini fridge, then invite some friends over.
  6. Man Cave
    • Just a place to chill out. Be yourself. De-stress. Watch a game. Relax a bit before re-engaging in the work of life. Add a sofa, mini fridge, and some A/C for the ultimate hangout.
  7. She Shed
    • No specific rules to follow. Just make it yours. This can be your ultimate paradise. A comfy retreat, and a stunning display of your creativity.
  8. Greenhouse
    • An affordable, sturdy plant-growing environment. Add windows (or buy a greenhouse kit complete with instructions) and “Let The Sunshine In!”
  9. Play Place for Children
    • Imaginations run wild. Dreams take shape in reality. Get them away from the video games, and let them explore and imagine in real life. No batteries required.
  10. Pool House
    • Hide the pool pump. Have a place to change, and keep the water out of the house. Add benches, a toilet, and even a shower for complete poolside convenience.
  11. Garden Shed
    • Whether you actually enjoy gardening or not, a garden shed may be just the thing to add some pizazz to your backyard. There are so many attractive designs and styles of sheds to choose from. Do your research, get your green thumb ready, then go for it!
  12. Tree House
    • Be unique. Build your shed as a tree house and make it into the ultimate man cave, she shed, guest room, rental bedroom, children’s playhouse, etc. Dream on…. Oh, and don’t fall out of bed; it’s a long way to the ground.
  13. Going Green
    • Are you into solar and wind energy, reusing rainwater, and being efficient with resources? Convert a storage shed into your own off-the-grid paradise.
  14. Fairytale cabin
    • Make your backyard look like it’s directly from a fairytale. Add elegant details, out-of-square walls, a curved roof – whatever features will enhance the look that you dream of.
  15. Underground Bunker
    • Whether you think an apocalypse is coming, or if you just want a sleek underground hideout, you’ll be captivated by a bunker. Hide your escape route under a trap door in a storage building for clever concealment.
  16. Repurposed Shed
    • Old pallet lumber. Doors from a house from the 1800s. Redesign and repurpose old building materials into an environmentally friendly building that will serve you for years to come.
  17. Bus Stop
    • The children need a protected place to wait for the bus. Use a small 3 sided shed to protect them from the wind and rain. Benches allow them to sit and keep their backpacks off the ground.
  18. BBQ Shed
    • You’re their favorite chef. You barbecue like a pro. Get a custom storage shed, and tease the tastebuds of friends and family.
  19. Telephone Booth
    • If you can find an old telephone booth, it will make a cute shed for garden tools, or for adornment with your backyard landscaping. Or if you’re Amish, use it to house your real telephone.
  20. Cliff Hanger
    • Live on the edge of a cliff? Build a cliff dwelling to use as a quiet space, to rent out, or to just sit and watch nature.
  21. Tower
    • The round tower shed brings a unique look to your backyard. It’s round interior allows for creative decorating. Add a removable panel in the roof for stargazing at night.

Hobby Havens

Hobby Havens
  1. Music Studio
    • Wear the headphones. Spend time alone or with the band. Make the space yours, and then let the music roll. No need to tear down the equipment when you’re done. Lock up, then return soon for more happiness.
  2. Craft Workshop
    • Have your own little craft workshop. Store supplies in chic bins, organize larger items on shelves, and set up your own little work table. Then look forward to seeing the product of your talents!
  3. Collector’s Den
    • Store your prized collection in your own little building. Display each item so you can easily take inventory of your valuables. Then as opportunity arises, escape to admire and add to your collection.
  4. Fishing Equipment Storage
    • Fishing – one of the most common activities in SC. If you need a secure place to store your rods, nets, and tackle, think no further than a quality storage building. You can even store the boat in a portable garage.
  5. Hunting Lounge
    • Have your own little hunting man cave to show off trophies, practice your skills on hunting games, and store your valuable equipment so it’s ready for your next stealthy adventure. You can even use storage buildings as hunting blinds!
  6. Classic Car Storage
    • If you have a classic car, you know how much time, effort, and money it took to preserve or restore the vehicle. When you want it safe from dust, dents, and storms, get a portable garage.
  7. Gym
    • Have your own workout spot right at home. If your house is too small for an exercise room, buy a storage shed and convert it into a gym. If you’re really ambitious, you can even offer workout classes to neighbors for some side income.
  8. Dog Kennel
    • Dogs need room to run, but they also need a secure kennel for protection (and to keep them out of trouble 🙂 )
  9. Chicken Coop
    • Add some nesting boxes and roosting rods to give your chickens a comfy home away from foxes and other predators. Some people even add curtains for some extra appeal.
  10. Horse Stable
    • Whether you get a small storage shed and convert it into a horse stable, or you purchase a larger horse barn, ease your mind by knowing that your horses are protected and comfortable at all times. Also, now you have no more boarding costs at that place across town. Now you can sneak out your back door and go riding whenever you want to.
  11. Goat Barn
    • Add some ramps, a loft, and a seesaw, and watch your goats take over their new home.
  12. Duck House
    • Ducks need a place for shelter from the sun and wind. A small storage building can be used for protection, feeding, and nesting.
  13. Shade for Pets
    • Give your small pets some shade from the sun. Protect them from storms and predators. Customize your building to provide for your specific pets. Then personalize their refuge with a nameplate over the door.
  14. Store pet feed and supplies
    • You can also use a storage building for pet feed and grooming supplies. Keep the feed dry, safe from rodents, and ready for Fido’s next meal.
  15. Model Trains
    • Purchase a storage building for your own model train station, and finish it out with your favorite railroad themes. Enjoy a quiet place to update your favorite choo-choos, show your friends your favorite models, and enjoy the freedom of your own hobby happy place.
  16. Flower Show Shed
    • Show off your beautifully arranged bouquets, enjoy the company of other flower lovers, make some money, then go home with the knowledge that you had the most attractive booth at the show.
  17. Observatory
    • Do you enjoy looking at the stars and searching out the wonders of space? How would you like your own observatory? Install a retractable roof for some intriguing night sky fun.
  18. Reindeer Watching
    • Admittedly, this is for the privileged few who live where the reindeer roam. But it’s fun to dream about having such luxuries, even if it requires moving to Norway.
  19. Carpenter’s Workshop
    • Whether you’re a pro carpenter or a hobby builder, an adequately sized storage building can provide an efficient, comfortable environment to work in. Stay out of the wind and rain, keep your building climate controlled, and build to your heart’s content.
  20. Diner
    • Let’s go back to the days of classic diners. Add some chrome and red, and get ready for some juicy burgers.
  21. Leatherworking suite
    • Leather is so durable and stylish. Belts, purses, laptop bags, and more can be made in a simple, clean leatherworking suite.
  22. Photo Studio
    • Photographers, listen up. You don’t need a huge studio to meet your clients’ needs. Set up an attractive portable studio, and create those beautiful photos in an affordable, compact space.
  23. Flight Simulator
    • Yes, you can install a flight simulator in a portable building. It’s been done in a garage, so why not do it in a storage shed?
  24. Scale Model of Well-Known Structure
    • If you’re the architectural type with a strong work ethic and a lot of patience, you could build a small scale model of a popular structure of the day. Think the White House, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or (if you’re really good), the Taj Mahal. Yours will be the most elegant storage building in town.

For Relaxing

For Relaxing
  1. Getaway cabin
    • If you have property in a secluded location or by a lake, get a small cabin and decorate it as the perfect little getaway. Whether you make your portable building into a log cabin or a romantic chalet, you’ll enjoy the time spent with those closest to you.
  2. Beach House
    • Ahhh…. The feel of sand between the toes, a good book, the heat of the sunshine, and a cool dip in the water. What beats time at the beach? Just add a small beach house for a place to store your supplies, as well as a bed or two to rest in. It makes me want to head there this moment.
  3. Quiet space
    • When you need some time to process life, read some good books, or spend time meditating on Scripture, a quiet backyard building can provide privacy and comfort you need to get away from normal life and be refreshed.
  4. Backyard Serving Bar
    • A serving window on your wood or metal building, along with stools and some good food and drinks, will make hosting a breeze. Ceiling fans, a grill, and great background music provide the environment for relaxed conversations and laughter. (Pro tip: Add a serving window to your pool house for the ultimate party spot.)
  5. School study room
    • Whether you are homeschooling your children or doing college work, sometimes it helps to have a designated study spot. A minimally decorated storage building could be just what you need. Turn on the classical music and get studying!
  6. Library
    • All those books you enjoy and learn from – they need a home too. Keep your valuable resources in a dry, organized environment, and be ready when that next research question comes to mind.
  7. Home Spa
    • Relaxation. Comfort. A place to rest from the stresses of the day. Have your own spa in your backyard. Add an inflatable tub and soft lighting for a cozy atmosphere.
  8. Sunroom
    • Bask in the sunshine in a comfy sun room. Add some durable furniture to design a room you’ll want to go back to again and again.
  9. Sauna
    • If your house doesn’t have that coveted sauna, you can add it with the right building in your backyard. Make sure you finish it out with moisture resistant materials so it lasts for a long time!
  10. Park Model RV
    • Build a finished out building and set it on a frame with wheels for your own tiny house or park model RV. Don’t like your current location? Just hitch up and hit the road in the search for greener pastures.
  11. Tea House
    • It’s tea time! Set up a little tea shop, or create a comfortable environment for conversations and tea with your closest friends.

Haha! For Fun

For Fun
  1. Raft
    • Float down the river in your raft-turned-storage-building. Take some time off from busy life, and recharge in nature’s beauty.
  2. Shed Car (Click here to see it driving)
    • You didn’t know you could do this with a storage shed, did you?!

Business Ventures

  1. Custom T-shirts
    • Printing or embroidering your own t-shirts? Buy a storage building and finish it out perfectly for your business. Whether you have an online store or are a local business, a quality work area and showroom can boost your productivity and sales.
  2. Pumpkin Patch Shed
    • What’s a pumpkin patch without a building to sell them? Decorate your pumpkin patch shed with corn stalks and other autumn decor and fall in love with it.
  3. Barber Shop
    • You cut hair, not corners. That’s why you get a quality building for your barber shop. Get a building that’s large enough for your equipment and will give customers a pleasant experience.
  4. Office
    • The office. A necessary part of every business. Set up a corner desk, finish out the building interior with pine or drywall, decorate to your heart’s content, then tackle that paperwork like a pro.
  5. Guest House
    • For those who don’t have enough room for guests, finish out a cabin for them. Usually, you can get log siding, porch options, and the size that will meet your needs. (Additional idea: finish your cabin and then list it on Airbnb. Make new friends while pulling in some additional income).
  6. Art Studio
    • Make space for those creative hands to move again. Whether art is a hobby or a business for you, design your own inspirational space and let your creativity express itself.
  7. Fruit or Vegetable Stand
    • From small gardens to larger greenhouses and orchards, a roadside stand is one of the best ways to market fruits and vegetables locally. Use a shed for your displays or serving window, and enhance the health of the community. You can also add a small display at the local farmer’s market for additional sales exposure.
  8. Ice Cream Shop
    • Mmmm…Nothing beats ice cream on a warm summer day. Brighten people’s day with your own ice cream stand. Paint it bright colors, and watch those dollars drizzle in. 🙂
  9. Snow cone seller
    • Maybe not quite as good as ice cream, but snow cones are a wonderfully cool treat. Chill out with a storage shed snow cone stand (say that 5 times fast).
  10. Boiled peanuts stand
    • Highly popular in the south, boiled peanuts are a treat for many people. With a little equipment and some work, you can make a decent living with this delicacy.
  11. Cute boutique
    • Sell trendy clothes, handmade items, home decor, or anything else you dream of. Thrill your customers with a cute little shop.
  12. Bait Shop
    • Because fishing is so popular! Make your own bait shop and decorate it with mounted fish, nets, and signs. Sell t-shirts for additional income and advertisement.
  13. Beauty Salon
    • Similar to the barbershop, the beauty salon’s space requirements can be met with a large storage building. Add some flooring, insulation, and drywall for a professional look.
  14. Goat Milking Barn
    • You could try this. It’s been done before. Maybe add a garage door on one or both ends so the goats have easier access. Market the milk and cheese, or eat and drink it yourself.
  15. Bee Keeper
    • Maybe you need a place to keep your beekeeping equipment. Or, you want to convert a small building into a massive bee hive. With some planning and modifications, you can do either of these options. Note: If you are using a Rent to Own program, be sure you have paid the balance on the building before making modifications.
  16. Chapel
    • For a cost effective worship center, have a custom shed constructed with a steeple. For a small group, this is a good alternative to larger permanent (and more expensive) buildings.


  1. Mini Storage Alternative
    • Why would you drive across town to a mini storage facility, when you can have your own storage shed in your backyard? With affordable monthly payments, Rent to Own programs offer a great alternative to mini storage. Also, after you rent to own for 3-5 yrs, the building is yours. Don’t pay for mini storage and have nothing to show for it in a few years. Check out Rent to Own options, and own that building!
  2. Wood Shed
    • Store your firewood in the dry, and be ready for that impromptu s’mores craving. And, if you use a three-sided shed, the wood may dry even faster.
  3. Shelves or Loft Space
    • Sometimes the yard is too small for a large building, but you need room for all that stuff in the garage. Organize your possessions with additional shelves or lofts in a medium-sized storage building.
  4. Workbench
    • When you’re using your building for more than just storage, add a workbench so you can attack those projects with ease. Need a place for those hand tools? Build a shelf underneath for quick access to the most-used tools.
  5. Second Story Building
    • With a two story building, you can store smaller items upstairs, then store a vehicle or ATVs downstairs. Or make the first floor a workshop.
  6. Garage
    • Car outside? Get a cost-effective portable garage and protect your transportation investment. Don’t leave your car susceptible to the hail, wind, and rain. Park it inside where it’ll be dry and protected.
  7. Tool shed
  8. ATV Storage
    • You’ve invested a lot of money. You enjoy your toys. Take care of them and make sure they are secure in a quality storage building. Don’t let them get stolen.
  9. Golf Cart Cover
    • Get a storage shed with taller doors to allow you to pull the golf cart inside and out of the weather. The seats will be dry the next time you use it, and no birds should have adorned it.
  10. Chemical and hazardous materials secure storage
    • Follow regulations and contain chemicals, sprays, and other hazardous materials. Add a custom floor and locks for spill containment and extra protection.
  11. Motorcycle Garage
    • Keep those bikes looking shiny and new. Store them for the winter. Add a couch and fridge, and hangout with your biker friends.
  12. Sports gear
    • Know exactly where your bats, gloves, helmets, golf clubs, and other sports equipment is located with an organized storage building.
  13. Barn for Tractors & Equipment
    • Tractors and implements need protection from the weather. A large storage shed, portable garage, or carport can be an affordable way to keep your equipment in great working condition.
  14. Boat house
    • Live on the water? Have a custom wood or metal building constructed on piers to give your boat the home it needs. And since it’s built right on the lake, that means it’s simple to jump aboard your vessel for more watery fun!
  15. Community garden
    • Get to know your neighbors, and work productively to feed your families – all while learning about the earth. Store your tools and supplies in a shed, then wait for those nourishing plants to grow.
  16. Lean-To Storage
    • If you need a small amount of storage, build a lean-to structure onto an existing building. Then close in the sides, add a door, and have the compact storage you need.
  17. Children’s Toy “Garage”
    • Teach your children responsibility, and keep their toys out of the main garage with their own little storage shed “garage.” Plus, they will always know where to find their favorite toys – IF they put them away last time. 🙂


That’s all for now! If you have additional ideas, leave a comment or contact us. We’d love to hear about it and see photos of your storage shed! Of course, if you still need a building, you can

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