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Portable Garages

Protect your toys and equipment from the outdoors with a durable garage from Fisher Barns! Customize its look from the roofing shingles right down to its side trim.

Garages start with the Workshop or Dutch Barn style, and are sturdy enough to house vehicles, motorcycles, boats, or lawn tractors. They also make nice woodworking shops or hobby buildings, with the large overhead door providing easy access for large tools and supplies.

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  • Heavy Duty Floor

    With 3/4″ Tongue & Groove Flooring and 2×6 Floor Joists 12″ on center, be assured that your tools and toys are secure in their Fisher Barns Garage.

  • 9'x7' Garage Door

    Access your garage easily with the large 9’x7′ Garage Door. Move ATVs, mowers, or large equipment into the building with ease.

  • Windows and Gable Vents

    Make it easier to see your projects with some natural light from windows. Two windows come standard on all buildings larger than 10×16. Gable vents on each end of the structure provide ventilation, which keeps your building cooler in the summer. The vents also prevent a stale, stuffy atmosphere by allowing fresh air to circulate.



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Carolina Barn Rentals, LLC

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Rental Purchase Agreement entered into this day [item-799_value] between Carolina Barn Rentals, LLC, located in Abbeville, South Carolina, and: 

This is your mailing / billing address.

This is where the building will be delivered to.

Delivery Address

[item-829_value], [item-777_value], [item-778_value] [item-779_value]

In this Agreement, “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to Carolina Barn Rentals, LLC, as Lessor. “You” and “your” refer to the person(s) signing this Agreement as the Lessee/Rental Customer. “Agreement” refers to this Rental-Purchase Agreement. “Property” refers to the rental Property described below.

1. Description of Property: [item-740_value] Garage

Siding Type: [item-743_title][item-744_title]

Colors: [item-745_value][item-747_value] Siding, [item-746_value][item-748_value] Trim, [item-826_value] [item-825_title][item-827_value] [item-824_title]

Cash Price [total] (not including sales tax)

This is the length of the rental term in months.

2. Rental Payments: Regular monthly rental payment: [item-786_price] NOT including Liability Damage Waiver or sales tax.

Discounted CRA monthly rental payment: [item-804_price] NOT including Liability Damage Waiver or sales tax. 

3. Customer Reserve Account (Optional): If you choose, you can reduce the amount of your monthly rental payment by depositing money into your CRA. All CRA payments are non-refundable. If you deposit into your CRA, it will reduce your monthly payment as shown in item 2. 

Calculates the discounted monthly payment after a CRA deposit is made.

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4. Liability Damage Waiver (Optional): If you choose this option by paying the fee of [item-790_price].00 per month, you will not be liable for loss of or damage to the Property from fire, storm, flood, or other Act of God. You must be current on all payments due to claim LDW. LDW does not cover loss or damage due to you or your family's willful acts or gross negligence. LDW does not cover mysterious disappearance or loss from theft.

Converts quantity from customer entered number into a dollar amount.

5. Late Fees: A late charge of $8.00 will be added to any payment that is over 5 days past due.

6. Initial Rental Payment: Your initial payment due when you sign this Agreement is non-refundable and includes the following charges:

a. Initial Rental Payment

b. Sales Tax

c. Liability Damage Waiver

d. Optional Customer Reserve Account

e. Total initial Payment        






7. Rental Purchase Ownership: If you mak[item-785_value] monthly rental payments in a row, we will apply the balance in your Customer Reserve Account, plus sales tax, and you will own the Property. You will have paid a Total Cost of [item-794_price] not including Liability Damage Waiver or sales tax. Or, you can exercise an early purchase option at any time by paying [item-797_value]% of the remaining payments plus sales tax for ownership. You will not obtain ownership unless you pay the Total Cost or exercise your early purchase option. The Total Cost does not include other fees and charges like sales tax, LDW, or late fees.

8. Rental Term and Payment Schedule: This Agreement is for one month. After that, you have three options: (a.) you can continue using the Property by making a rental renewal payment in advance; (b.) you can purchase the Property (see item 7); or (c.) you can return Property to us with no further obligation, except for any past due payments.

9. Termination: You can terminate this Agreement at any time without penalty by returning the Property to us or making arrangements with us to have it returned. If you fail to make a timely rental renewal payment, this Agreement terminates automatically and you agree to return the Property to us.

10. Reinstatement: If this Agreement is terminated for any reason, you can reinstate it without losing any rights or options previously acquired by paying all past due rental payments, cost of pickup, redelivery, and refurbishment within forty-five (45) days of termination date. If you reinstate, we will return to you the same Property, or Property of comparable quality and condition. 

11. Use of the Property and Alterations: You cannot allow the Property to be altered in any manner without our prior written consent. This includes adding shelves, the addition of equipment or accessories or placing signs on the Property. You cannot affix the Property to real estate in such a manner that it cannot be removed without damage. You cannot allow the Property to be used for any unlawful purpose, nor for housing any animal(s). The Property must be accessible to us at all times.

12. Maintenance: You are responsible for maintaining the Property in good condition while it is in your possession.

13. Loss of or Damage to the Property: We do not carry insurance on this Property, and you are responsible for its safety until it is returned to us. You are fully responsible for the fair market value of the Property due to its loss or destruction from all causes, including, but not limited to, theft, vandalism, malicious mischief, acts of God, or mysterious disappearance. If this Property is damaged, you agree to pay immediately for all repairs, not to exceed fair market value. You can cover some of your liability by choosing the optional Liability Damage Waiver in section 4.

14. Contents: We will not be liable to you or to anyone else for any loss of or damage to any contents located in the Property while you are in possession of the Property. If this Agreement terminates for any reason, you agree to remove all contents from the Property before returning it to us. We will not be responsible to you or to anyone else for any loss of, damage to or destruction of any contents in the Property resulting from retrieval of the Property after this Agreement terminates for any reason. We are not in the warehouse business, and we do not have custody or control of the contents of the Property. We will not be responsible for any contents that are still in the Property when we retrieve it. If the Property is not empty when we recover it, we will hold the contents at your sole risk for 15 days for you to claim them. After that contents in Property will be considered abandoned by you and become our property and it will be our responsibility to dispose of or discard them at our expense.

15. Retrievals and Returns: If you do not renew this Agreement, you agree to give us permission to retrieve the Property immediately subject to your reinstatement. You also agree to promptly remove all contents as described above and have a clear path for access to retrieve the Property. You agree to take full responsibility for ruts, tracks, or any damage done to yard due to retrieval of Property. If we come to your house to pick up the Property and you choose to renew this Agreement instead, you agree to pay us $100.00 plus all other amounts you owe as reimbursement for our expenses.

16. Condition of Property and Warranty: You agree that you have examined the Property and have agreed to rent it “as is.” You understand that we are making no representations, warranties, or promises of any kind as to the condition, quality, or suitability of the Property. If you obtain ownership of the Property we will transfer any unexpired manufacturer’s warranty to you if permitted by the terms of the warranty.

17. Forbidden Acts: You cannot sell, mortgage, pawn, pledge, encumber, or dispose of the Property. You cannot move the Property from the address above without our consent. With our consent, you can move the Property, but you will assume all costs associated with it. You cannot assign your rights in this Agreement without our prior written consent. Each of these acts is a breach of this Agreement.

18. Entire Agreement: This Agreement sets forth the entire Agreement between you and us and may not be changed except in writing signed by both parties.





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