The Dutch Barn
Available in sizes from 10x12 to 14x36

“Great experience buying a building that really worked for us. I was worried about getting thru a fence and in the backyard but they were awesome and was able to get it right where I needed it to be.”

Carleen W.
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The Dutch Barn

The Dutch Barn is our most popular barn style, and for good reason. When combined with a loft (or two!), the Dutch Barn's gambrel roof style offers maximum storage for lawn ornaments, Christmas decorations, storage totes, and other small items. You can store those smaller items out of the way and still have lots of room for lawn equipment, garden tools, sports gear, patio furniture, and much, much more.

If you want to maximize your storage space, get the garage cleaned out again, and find relief from the clutter, the Dutch Barn is for you.

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  • Barn Style Gambrel Roof

    The barn style roof – the most room for your stuff. Add one or two lofts for even more storage space!

  • Large Double Doors

    Get convenient access for your mower, ATV, or other large valuables with large double doors. Standard on every shed, these doors have a total opening of 5′ or 6′, depending on the size of the building.

  • Windows and Gable Vents

    Make it easier to see your projects with some natural light from windows. Two windows come standard on all buildings larger than 10×16. Gable vents on each end of the structure provide ventilation, which keeps your building cooler in the summer. The vents also prevent a stale, stuffy atmosphere by allowing fresh air to circulate.

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