Meet the Team


Matt Fisher – Owner

As owner, Matt fills a lot of roles but primarily is responsible for the delivery side of things which includes scheduling for the trucks, Maintenance on the company vehicles and on occasion still doing deliveries. Matt is also in charge of ordering materials and supplies for the Sheds.

Matt is from a large family (he’s #10 of 12!) where from an early age he learned the value of hard work. He and his wife, Violet, have 4 daughters and 1 son. They live on a farm, where Matt gets to work with cattle and make hay, which he really enjoys. Although he’s in the office at times, he still prefers to be on the road, delivering quality structures to our customers. This gives him many opportunities to interact with customers and put his business principles to practice – being honest, and treating others how he’d like to be treated.

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Marvin Fisher – Owner

Around Fisher Barns, Marvin operates as CEO and spends his time keeping the various parts of the business connected and organized.

Marv finds satisfaction in seeing individuals inside and outside the business thrive and carries a passion to help people discover their gifts and potential. Marv desires to create a workplace where there are healthy relationships and people are safe to be authentic. Marvin (Marv) helped start the company in 2003 and became co-owners of Fisher Barns with his brother Matt. Marv remembers that the first shipment of product came when he was on his honeymoon. He and his wife Angela now have 4 amazing children. They enjoy spending off days camping, hiking, hunting or just about any other activity that happens outdoors.

dwayne fisher

Dwayne Sensenig – Sales Manager

As a Sales Manager for Fisher Barns, Dwayne witnesses the delight  of customers when they receive the product they have been seeking. The fulfillment from connecting with people, understanding their needs, and providing a solution, drives his dedication to customer service.

Dwayne thrives on offering individuals with guidance and support to help them overcome self-limitations and embrace their true potential. Joining Fisher Barns in 2021, Dwayne initially worked part-time in the shop but was promoted to Sales Manager in March 2022. He finds immense joy in his personal life as he is happily married to his loving wife, Karen, for 35 years, having raised three wonderful adult children a strong and supportive family unit. In his spare time, he enjoys golf and finds solace and excitement on the greens.

esther fisher barns

Esther Anna Fry – Greenwood Sales

Esther Anna is a salesperson at our Greenwood location. Esther Anna grew up in an Amish home and is the youngest of 14 children. She was born in Indiana, moved to South Carolina in 1992, and thoroughly enjoys it. In addition to her hobby of making cards, she also enjoys spending time with friends and family. When working with Esther Anna, you can expect to be greeted with a smile and warm welcome. She passionately strives to ensure her customers’ complete satisfaction.

stacy anderson location fisher barns

Stacy Patterson – Anderson Sales

Stacy works in sales at our Anderson location. Stacy and her husband Mark, have six children. As a family, they enjoy fishing, trips to the beach, and spending time together. Her passion and goal in life is to continue growing in Christ daily as well as treating everyone she encounters with respect and love. Stacy loves her job and wants do everything in her ability to guarantee that customers leave happy and satisfied with their experience.

gene fisher

Gene Fisher – Horse Barn Sales

Currently, Gene Fisher handles Horse Barn sales and is on the road a fair amount conducting site visits. Previously, He served as Product Manager / COO for 6 years and been with Fisher Barns for over 12 year.

Gene is married, and he and his wife have 5 children. As a family they love to camp and spend time at the beach.  In 2020, he and his family moved to East TN to help take care of his ageing parents. Gene works remotely from his office at home but still loves to travel to meet his customers.

Chad fisher barns

Chad Miller – Production Manager / COO

Chad started working at Fisher Barns in the spring of 2015 and still loves his job. As Product Manager and COO, he enjoys managing the details and ensuring optimal quality in the production of Fisher Barns’ buildings.

Chad is from a family of 7 where he is the middle child. He grew up on a farm in central Ohio and learned the importance of a good work ethic at a young age. He is now married to his beautiful southern wife and has 3 children. Spending time with family, going for a run, and a round of golf are ways he enjoys spending his free time.

violet fisher

Violet Fisher – Secretary

Violet fulfills the crucial role of secretary with skill and dedication. She manages accounting, payroll, and various other bookkeeping tasks.

Violet is married to owner Matt Fisher, and has been a part of Fisher Barns since it’s beginning. You can find her at the home office part time, handling bookkeeping duties. Violet loves her primary role as “stay-at-home mom” to 4 daughters and a son. She enjoys the country, baking, and sipping coffee while visiting with a friend. She appreciates authenticity and vulnerability, and desires to be someone who promotes this through the love of Jesus. Violet is grateful to be a small part of a business that seeks to honor God in the business world.

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