Should I Buy A Storage Building?

Are you having trouble deciding if you should buy a storage building? You're not sure if you want to spend the money for a quality building, but you also don't want to spend the rest of your days looking at clutter in your house, yard, or garage?

There is hope! Let’s walk through this together and help you make a good decision. To begin, we’ll ask a few questions about your current situation.

A Few Questions

  1. Do you currently own or rent the property where you're thinking of placing the storage building?
    • If you own the property, great! Proceed to question 2.
    • If you rent the property, will your landlord allow a storage shed on the property? If yes, proceed to question 2. If the answer is no, then (sorry!) you’ll need to find another solution that will work for you.

  1. Do you have enough storage space right now?
  2. In other words, are your valuables organized, or is there clutter that is frustrating you? Is your...

    • House small?
    • Garage cluttered? (or you don’t have a garage)
    • Spare room full of stuff?

  1. Can you afford a storage building?
    • Most storage shed companies offer multiple ways to pay.
    • A convenient Rent to Own program is available for those who would like to make monthly payments. 

If your home is perfectly organized and you have enough closets, attic space, and garage area to keep your valuables secure and dry, then maybe you don’t need a storage building.

But if you’re like most people, the spare room is overflowing, the lawnmower is sitting outside in the rain, and you can’t park the truck in the garage anymore. If you could increase your storage space, it would help you to remove the clutter, be more organized, and feel empowered again.


This brings us to the question:

How Do I Purchase a Storage Building?

Step 1: Decide On Location

  1. One of the first questions to ask when thinking about getting a storage building is, “How much extra space do I have in my yard?” Or, “How much of my back yard do I want to use for a storage building?”

    If you are limited in space, you’ll need to decide what size shed will fit. You may find it helpful to measure the size of the shed you’d like to get, and then put stakes in the ground where the corners of the building will go. This will help you visualize how much room the building will take.

    You will also want to check with your local code officials to find out:

    • …if there are required setbacks from your property line. A setback is a requirement which specifies that a structure be placed a specific distance from your property boundary. Check with your officials to find out the requirements for your area.
    • …if you need a permit to place a storage shed on your property. Permit requirements vary from county to county. Ask your code officials if you need a permit.

Step 2: Verify Delivery Access

  1. Do you have clear access to where you want to place the storage building?

    Is the site close to level?

    Will we be able to get in with a truck and trailer? We will need an opening that is 2 ft. wider than the building, and 14 ft. tall (clear from limbs and wires) in order to get the building to your location. If you have questions about delivery, see this page for more details:

Step 3: Choose a Size

  1. If you have plenty of room to place a storage building in your yard (which means you can get as large of a building as you need), think about how much storage space you will need. Here are some questions to help you:

    • What items will you store in your building?
    • Where will you put those items? Will they go on a loft? Will they get hung on a wall?
    • How much space will you need to complete projects in your building?

    Always choose a building that is a little larger than what you currently need. If you have the space, you will use it! One of the most common regrets we hear from customers is that they wish they would have gotten a larger storage building. It’s much more cost effective to get a building that is 4 to 8 ft. longer, than to buy another building.

Step 4: Choose Options

  1. You’ve decided where you want your building, and how large it will be. Now let’s discuss a few options you may find useful.

    • Electrical Package – provides lights and power for your tools
    • Additional Doors & Windows – allow more natural light into your storage shed
    • Loft – store all those Christmas decorations and totes up out of the way
    • Shelves – organize your collectibles, parts bins, or small boxes
    • Workbench – use for potting plants, mechanic work, or woodworking
    • Ramps – sturdy, secure ramps provide easy access for mowers, ATVs, and golf carts

    Find out more info about these options here: Fisher Barns Options

Step 5: Purchase Your Building

  1. Once you've decided on the size of your building and what features you want, you're ready to purchase it.

We make ordering an easy 3 step process:

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    • Make The Initial Deposit

      Put money down on the exact building you want.

    • Relax & Wait For Delivery

      Sit back and drink some sweet tea. We’ll deliver the building to your backyard.

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