The Workshop
Available in sizes from 8x12 to 14x36

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R. Trowbridge
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The Classic Workshop

The Classic Workshop brings a more contemporary look complete with shutters, roof-line fascia, and transom windows in the doors.

Do you dream of designing your very own She Shed or Garden Cottage? Do you want more storage space but hate the look of most storage buildings? The Classic Workshop was designed for you!

The A-frame style easily matches your existing structures and meets most Homeowners' Association (HOA) requirements. (If you need to customize a building to satisfy your HOA, contact us, and we'll design a building to meet your needs.)

FREE Delivery within 50 miles of our main locations! Are you farther away? Contact us about delivery nationwide.

    • A-Frame Roof

      Match your home with the Workshop’s timeless A-Frame roof style.

    • Large Double Doors with Transom Windows

      Get convenient access for your mower, ATV, or other large valuables with large double doors. Standard on every shed, these doors have a total opening of 5′ or 6′, depending on the size of the building.

    • Windows and Gable Vents

      Make it easier to see your projects with some natural light from windows. Two windows come standard on all buildings larger than 10×16. Gable vents on each end of the structure provide ventilation, which keeps your building cooler in the summer. The vents also prevent a stale, stuffy atmosphere by allowing fresh air to circulate.

    Design Your Own Shed

    Create Your Custom Shed Design with Our NEW! 3D Builder