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If you are looking for horse barns in Tri-Cities, Fisher Barns can help. We sell a variety of horse barn styles and sizes in South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Our styles include Run In Sheds, Lean To Sheds, and Shed Row Barns for small affordable options. We also build larger Monitor, Trailside, and Lancaster Horse Barns for those who need more space. If you want to know more about the horse barns we build, call us or fill out a horse barn quote form.

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Monitor Barn

Our Monitor Barns are one of our most popular models and for good reason. The Monitor Barn is large and spacious. It has a roomy center aisle, a second story loft, and plenty of stalls for your horses. It is also very beautiful and can complement any property. If you are looking for a great deal on a quality horse barn, try a Monitor Barn from Fisher Barns.

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High Country Barn

The High Country Horse Barn is a simple and elegant solution for you horse farm. It has plenty of space for storage and lots of spacious horse stalls. There is also lots of room for creativity and customization. You can add a cupola or tack room for extra benefit. As you can see from the picture, you can use a High Country Barn for more than just keeping your horses. This customer turned their barn into a place for parties and events.

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Trailside Barn

Trailside Barns are most affordable large barn. They are single story but still have lots of horse barn stalls. If you have a tighter budget but still want something with a high degree of protection and that is big enough for several horses, the Trailside Barn is perfect for you. If you are afraid that you will not have enough storage capacity, we can easily add a tack room for extra space.

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Lancaster Barn

The Lancaster Barn is actually a crossover between our Trailside and Monitor Horse Barns. It has the same body as the single-story Trailside Barn but includes a the same type of loft that the Monitor Barn has. So if you really like the Trailside Barn but want a little bit more space, the Lancaster Barn is your perfect solution.

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Shed Row Barn

The Shed Row Barn is one of our smaller styles but it still provides lots of protection for your horse. It is the perfect place to keep your horse during harsh weather. If you are looking to save money and still get a quality horse barn, the Shed Row Barn is perfect. You can even add a tack room for extra storage space.

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Lean To Shed

If you like the feel of the larger horse barns but not the price tag, then the Lean To Horse Shed is for you. It is built much like the Shed Row Barn but the added lean to provides extra protected space that gives the feel of a center aisle. Best of all, the Lean To Horse Shed is very affordable. Get a great horse shed at a great price from Fisher Barns.

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Run In Shed are perhaps the efficient and easy to use horse shed available. They can be placed in your horse pasture allowing your horse to come and go as he pleases. That way, during bad weather, he can easily find shelter. Run In Sheds require very little work on your part and will last you for many years. Get a free quote for more information.

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Find Your Perfect Structure

Are you tired of clutter, sick of tripping over things, and wishing you just had more space. At Fisher Barns, we provide great storage solutions so that you can worry less about clutter and focus more on what’s important. Find your perfect structure today.

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