Delivery Information

Thanks for choosing Fisher Barns! We are excited to deliver the storage building of your life!

Below are a few questions to help you determine if you are prepared for delivery of your structure.


Is there clear access to the delivery location which will allow for a truck and 25 ft. trailer?
Is the site level?


Is there a fence around the property? If so, is the gate (or other opening) at least 2 ft. wider than the building?


Will delivery require driving across property that is owned by someone else? Will we need to use your neighbor’s lane or pasture to place the building?

Overhead Clearance

The building may need overhead clearance of 14′ from limbs, wires, etc. as well as underground clearance from septic tanks, ditches, pipes, etc.

“I received my building this week and could not be happier! The construction is very high quality. The delivery went very smoothly as our driver was highly experienced. I would highly recommend Fisher Barns for any building needs.”Nancy P.

Still Have Questions?

We’d Love to Discuss it With You.

Still not sure if we can get the building where you want it? Upload some photos below, and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

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  • If we have questions, we will contact you at this number.
  • Drop files here or
      Please upload a few photos of where you want the building to be placed. Include pictures of narrow spots, gates, low wires, and the driveway.
    • Give us any other details you think may be helpful in assessing delivery of your building.