Chicken Coops A Home for 4 to 15 Hens for Your South Carolina Backyard

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Our chicken coops are available for four to fifteen hens and are all equipped with flooring to meet every one of your needs. They are built to last, made in the USA, and constructed out of wood by Amish trained craftsmen. Heavy-duty and quality made, our chicken coops are designed to be used in both hot and cold climates.

All chicken coops will be shipped directly to your door in South Carolina or surrounding states. Then with minimal setup (around 1 hour),  you can have your very own hen house. See the three chicken coop models below and get ready for some fresh eggs all year round.

Please Note: We can ship chicken coops throughout the continental United States. 

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Standard Features:

  • Screened windows
  • Nesting boxes
  • 2 Vents; on each gable end on the upper point to let air flow through the coop
  • 2 Roosts
  • One man door
  • One chicken door with treated wood ramp
  • Flooring & siding has a treated resin. This material is designed for superior moisture resistance which helps with the moisture levels that chickens naturally produce.
  • Roof profile that is designed so that rainwater runs off the back of the chicken coop keeping the water runoff away from your nesting boxes.
  • A ceiling that has radiant barrier sheathing to keep the coop cooler in the summer heat.
  • Available in three sizes: Small (34″x45″), Medium (50″x 53″), & Large (74″x 60″)
  • For more information, check out this page from our supplier.

Choose a Chicken Coop

chicken coop for chickens south carolina

Chicken Coops for 4 to 5 Hens – $1099

Our small chicken coop for four to five hens is small enough to fit into a tiny space in the backyard and big enough for your chickens to come home to roost! It measures 34″ L x 45″ W x 54 – 1/2″ H. When the chicken coop arrives at your South Carolina property, you will have minimal work to get it ready to go. Buy this chicken coop for five chickens and enjoy fresh eggs day after day during the coming season.

A Review from Stefanie

This coop is a winner. Very sturdy. Very good looking. My backyard flock loves it. I love it. My neighbors love it. I absolutely recommend this coop… Look no further.
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chicken coop for ten hens south carolina

Chicken Coops for 6 to 10 Hens – $1,399

If you live in South Carolina and are looking for a chicken coop for 6 to 10 hens, then look no further. This handy chicken coop will be shipped directly to your home in SC and should only take an hour or two to have fully constructed. This coop comes with a ramp so your hens can get in and out without a hitch and measures 50-1/4” L x 52-1/2” W x 62-1/4” H.

A Review from Eric

Easy to assemble, sturdy as all get out, and engineered for a long life. Glad we replaced our crummy Tractor Supply coop with this.
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large chicken coop for chickens sc

Chicken Coops for 10 to 15 Hens – $1,899

This coop is our largest chicken coop with room for up to 15 hens. With a flock of 10 to 15 hens, you will have plenty of eggs and more to spare! As with all of our chicken coops, this model comes with all the pieces ready for a one to two-hour assembly. The coop will be shipped directly to your home in South Carolina and be ready to use with minimal assembly. Measurements for the large chicken coop are 74″ L x 60″ W x 72-1/2″ H.

A review from Rachel

We bought the large chicken coop. We absolutely love it!! It has a small vent to help with just enough air flow. I love that the nesting boxes are in front. It’s really helpful to gather the eggs from the front instead of going into the coop. Very handy. Very easy to clean out. Just open the large door and scrape. The assembly was very easy! Once it was out together, it is very sturdy. Couldn’t be happier with this product!!
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Looking for a Larger Chicken Coop?

Please note: different kinds of chickens require more or less space per chicken.

If a chicken coop for ten hens is not large enough for you, consider turning a shed into a chicken coop. It is as simple as finding the storage shed of your choice and building nesting boxes inside the shed. You might also want to add roosting bars and an outdoor chicken run to give your chickens the fresh air they need to be happy and healthy.

Find Your Shed How to Turn Your Shed into a Coop

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